Is there a purpose and architect(s) to the World as we know it?

When it comes to communicating such issues, especially with the help of contemporary information technology that relies on logic, coding and decoding, while referring to information that has been derived from the past (and not from the future) - no matter a microsecond or billions of years ago - from an object, a field, experiment, measurement, experience etc., there will be no clear answers.

Furthermore, for as long as there are uncertainties on describing possible wave functions and their exact space-time locations (also, should it be described as particles or waves?) the future of (such) technologies remain uncertain.

But when it comes to analog-digital processing of information via neurons of our brains, synchronized with certain impulses and information coming from the heart and other organs, uncertainties may be avoided.

Such information processing techniques and communication, applied since the ancient times, makes it possible to communicate not only across the time arrow as we know it (from past to future), but in opposite time arrows too (from future to past) without being limited by the speed of light. (Related VIDEOs)

But how?
Such communication may not be as difficult as it may seem. It is good to keep in mind, however, that by using such methods of communication, the amount of scam, spam, hacking, and disinformation (that's coming from seemingly nowhere), is comparable to internet. Just one 'wrong click' (or unknown, seemingly friendly contact) may destroy the whole system, including brains and other organs.

The only organ capable of protecting the whole system, incl. brains, from 'space-time hackers' (no matter how they are referred to - humans, aliens, fallen angels, or demons) is the heart.

About Purpose and Architects.

Gods (or beings of high excellence), who are presumably in charge of building and maintaining such stellar networks, being associated with many different names and (often opposing) religions, are seemingly in constant struggle - a struggle for power - related to the consumption and acquisition of planetary, galactic and universal energy (power) resources, that sets limits to the freedom of choice.

Yet, how much energy (power) and freedom of choice is there, of any kind - positive or negative - in total, for consumption and/or acquisition? How much space and time is there for expansion?

Let us imagine that all energy resources within the Cosmos - no matter the kind or where and when - is 100% of Everything!

Such 100% of Everything, which has been around since even before the Universe came to existence, has been given many names:

Primordial Sea, Primeval Waters, Sea of Chaos..., where an infinite mass - of plus gazillion tons and/or minus gazillion tons (no difference) - cannot be located within any given time-frame. This is because Everything, including its own opposite - Nothing - is simultaneously and instantly Everywhere and Nowhere.

But how did 'Something' come out of such 'Nothing'?

An 'Exit Strategy' from a 100% motionless, timeless and formless Force Field in a '50-50 deadlock' (i.e. in an absolute equilibrium, singularity), so that Something of it, like 99,9999999.....9% remains, gave birth to the Universe as we know it, in which 'Everything equals Nothing' is no more.

On a side note: such 50-50 deadlock could be visualized as a situation where an infinite or definite weight and its counterweight (like plus 10kg and minus 10kg) are 'locked' in the same space-time co-ordinates:

The 'Exit Strategy' from such Force Field is related to 'I am' (a perception of singular existential force), and 'I am that I am' (a gradual perception of its own opposite) Yin-Yang-related gravity force, resulting in an immediate multiplication (in a Huge Bang) and consumption of the entire 99,999999........9% Food Chain - as soon as 0,0000000.....1% of it 'went missing'.

Question: *If anyone in that Food Chain would ask oneself: "Who created all this mess?", the answer could well be: 'Myself'. * Although such answer could be correct in theory, a detailed description of 'Myself' would take as long as it takes for 'Myself' to describe Everything - 100% of the total cosmic energy power, while the 'Exit Strategy' set its limit to 99,999999....9%. Without this limit - Everything, including "Myself" - would vanish into Nothing.

Years ago, there was a movie made based on "The NeverEnding Story", where towards the end, when Everything was consumed by Nothing, just a tiny sparkle remained, to which the main character had to give a name - to his Empress - a Woman with the Crown of 12 Stars as portrayed in the Bible and ancient KaBaLah.

The tiny sparkle, or the 'missing 0,00000....1%' of the Universe, that can never be consumed, acquired or described, is called Radiant Purity of True Love.

There is a theatrical production in the making, based on the "Exit Strategy", and Ancient Egyptian mythology, waiting for investors and sponsors, to be staged.

Please visit: 'Scarab - Portrait of a Man'.

About the Fellowship of Thoth Mutual Agreement Form
(Please visit the Fellowship page for the details.)

The Agreement Form includes a questionnaire, that is related to the Tree of Life, and the 'Tree of Knowing Good and Evil', or Ka Ba Akh, better known as KaBaLah, where KA stands for Yin [She], BA for Yang [He], and LAH for the unity of opposites, which with definite article AL means the God in Arabic, the Shining One - AKH - in Ancient Egypt. Please visit KA BA AKH page to learn more.

What's the difference between those trees? The Tree of Life is related to fertility, the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil to a saying: "Give them ten words from an innocent man's mouth and they will prove him to be guilty."

There is an ancient saying: "A tree is known by its fruits", which shows remarkably well the current 'mental state' of the World and its leaders, largely influenced by the mainstream scientists, artists and media - the stars.

A third of these stars can be compared to a man who is cutting off the branch of a tree he is sitting on, roots of which dwell deep in the mysteries of time - in ancient temples - where the trees were once planted and started to grow. Those who can see it, need to be patient, the stars will fall.

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About Core Values.

The Fellowship of Thoth (who is often associated with Enoch and Hermes Trismegistus) respects everyone's freedoms and choices, as long as these freedoms and choices do not hurt others or are disrespectful towards the Laws of Nature, which Causes and Effects always reflect the Truth.

When it comes to the laws of nature - from Yin-Yang to star fusion, from Solar System to the Earth's ecosystem - there are fertile and infertile outcomes.

Throughout ages, fertility has been considered a blessing, a carrier of life, while infertility a curse - a dead end - unrelated to freedom of choice.

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But when it comes to supporting and encouraging infertile same-sex unions - blessing and celebrating the dead end - it becomes freedom of choice. Consequently, such choice gave birth to a new branch of multi-billion dollar biotech industry that includes the production of (genetically manipulated) children.

Such disrespect, on a global scale, towards the laws of nature, regardless of liking them or not, is unprecedented since the birth of civilizations, post Great Flood and the destruction of Sodom.

Excerpts from The Book of Daniel
(6th century B.C.)

"And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and half a time." (approx. 3,5 years, see the related VIDEO)

Note: Mayan Calendar's 21 12 2012 refers to a relative 'Time Zero'. When adding to the 'Time Zero' 1290 days from the Book of Daniel: "From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up (referring supposedly to the aftermath of Arab Spring by the end of 2012), there will be 1,290 days" of unprecedented terror, waves of refugees and cataclysmic events, in parallel with corporate LGBTQIA lobby, essentially threatening to destroy Christianity worldwide, except in Russia, as revealed in the Three Secrets of Fatima, resulting in: 12 21 2012 + 1290 days = 23 06 2016 = Brexit, that turned the tide, delivering a 'fatal wound to the beast' (as described in the Book of Revelation) that carries a Prostitute, whom the beast hates (referring supposedly to the East-West global relations and the Vatican), followed by the U.S. and the key E.U. member states' presidential elections in 2016 and 2017.

As per Revelation 13, a second beast emerges soon after, giving the first beast (who's fatal wound is healed) and the 'Image of the Beast' (supposedly A.I. military and bio-robotics, sensitive weapon systems, incl. nuclear and biological, both in the East and West) a great power, while it's highlighted, that this beast will be different from all other beasts that have ever emerged in history, e.g. Mat. 24:22: "If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive."

"The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, lifted his right hand and his left hand toward heaven, and I heard him swear by him who lives forever, saying, "It will be for a time, times and half a time. When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed."
(i.e. the beasts defeated, weapons destroyed.)

"Go your way till the end. And you shall rest and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days."

In January 12, 1991, the U.S. Congress gave Iraq the final 3 nights warning to withdraw from Kuwait. The use of military force from January 15, 1991 was authorized:

Nostradamus, Century V 83:

Those who will have undertaken to subvert,
an unparalleled realm, powerful and invincible,
they will act through deceit, nights three to warn,
when the greatest one will read his Bible at the table.

Nostradamus, Century I 96:

A man will be charged with the destruction
of temples and sects that are altered by fantasy.
He will harm the rocks rather than living,
ears filled with ornate speeches.

March, 2016

Q: What is the Hall of Records?
A: The Universe.

Similar to the observable Universe, which reveals the physics of Past only (4% of the known), the Hall of Records reveals its hidden Force Field - spiraling, swirling columns in constant motion, that hold everything together - the Past and Future.

Q: Like Black Holes?
A: These are reactors (not storage spaces, like eye pupils).

Q: I've heard of Multiverse.... with endless possibilities?
A: There's no Plan B within the Force Field, nor there are other Libraries to visit.

an entrepreneur with an idea, looking for an investor to realize it.
Initially (most often) it's family and friends who can help.

Then tells them:
"You're just a possibility out of endless other possibilities..."

A reaction that follows (to such multiverse idea) is somewhat predictable.

Representations of the Force Field - Jerusalem Temple and Vatican.

June, 2015
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An early sign of the Second Wave (of the media campaign; see the excerpt below) is to secure public support for the next generation super-computers (early A.I. models), soon to be followed by a campaign to promote the next generation Bio-engineering.

Bio-engineering is essentially 'cracking genetic codes' - something which took the Universe over 13 billion years to create. It is principally a copyright violation on a Universal scale, when done without a special permission. (Surely, there should be court cases, that cover also the torture of animals by scientists, for realizing their ideas.)

Nevertheless, the Second Wave will gain its momentum in parallel to cracking various codes: of diseases, how to reverse cell-ageing, and eventually, the secrets of immortality. This task is virtually undoable for humans, but doable for super-computers.

When the First Wave arrived, years ago, its main objective was to form a belief that 'God is irrelevant' (as science cannot prove [nor disprove] God's existence), followed by the success in having people believe that 'Gender is irrelevant'.

The Second Wave, already on the horizon, will be focused on making people also believe that (biological) 'Parents are irrelevant'.

(Note added in March 2018: "First 150 companies to distribute an information pack on inclusive language developed by the Diversity Council of Australia. The changes include using terms such as 'parent' rather than mother or father.")

A premise to succeed on creating such a new (global) mindset has been secured by the First Wave - as by the present day, that when an individual raises concerns on same-sex marriage and laboratory-made children (in the western world), it would mean 'the end (or jeopardy) of his/her career'. Many people are afraid to talk about these issues in public, in order to keep their jobs and/or reputation.

This means that when the 'Parents are irrelevant' campaign kicks in (dependent on super-computers' development) it can also potentially be successful. Yet, according to the warnings in the Book of Revelation, there will be consequences.

David Coplin (Microsoft), special for CNN
May 26, 2015

...We need to remember that computers, algorithms and the data that feeds them are here to help. The success of our future society will depend entirely on our ability to grasp the potential they offer us and for us to avoid, where possible, simply replicating old ways of working. As a result, our aspiration should be to do things differently, not the same things slightly better.

If we get this right, humans won't have to be in awe of the machines; instead, we will stand high and proud on the shoulders of these mechanical giants and accomplish truly amazing things. The time for us to make this happen is now. The rise of the humans has already started -- and the world will never be the same again.

Notice a new slogan: 'Proud to stand on the shoulders of mechanical giants...'
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