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Einstein's "Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper", which includes E=mc2, was received in June 30, 1905. The idea of light quanta were nearly universally rejected by all physicists, including Max Planck and Niels Bohr. The work remained controversial for many years.

The letter below is to introduce an extra measure added to Einstein's theory of relativity: an absolute.

Black Holes behind the expansion of the Universe?
Fact or fiction? You decide.

One of the most fundamental questions in science concerning Universe is: why wasn't matter cancelled by anti-matter moments after the Big Bang? The following is to find some answers.

1. Primordial Waters.

Before the Beginning there was Timelessness...

Imagine an infinitely large balloon, which size can not be defined, as it is impossible to know where does it start or end. Nor is it possible to find its center - of Infinity - no matter how much Time to spend in searching for it - the Timelessness - the very center of that infinitely large balloon.

If a 'Fixed Center' of an infinitely large balloon (above left) remains static (immobile), then there is no difference between plus or minus time, distance and weight, as from the Timelessness perspective, the 'impossibility' of negative weight, distance and time, for example, is meaningless, while the impossibility of simultaneous existence of negative weight from positive weight's perspective has a meaning.
Therefore all relations - what's possible and impossible - depend from a perspective.

But now, if to imagine that this infinitely large balloon is made of infinite number of smaller balloons, then it would give a choice to decide from how big balloons Infinity could be made of, which would make it also possible to observe and measure the size of these balloons and locate their centers, no matter how many of these balloons would make an Infinity (above right).

But before making any observations, two fundamental questions should be answered:

1. What is Nothing?
It's when a plus 'one kilogram balloon' and a minus 'one kilogram balloon' have exactly the same center, be it made of hydrogen (anti-hydrogen), helium (anti-helium), carbon (anti-carbon), silicon... or any other element.

2. How to get Something out of Nothing?
Firstly, one must be independent of statics - the immobility of mass symmetry called Gravity.
Secondly, one must have an ability to move at zero mass relative to X (time) and Y (distance) axes (as above right). If these two conditions are met, it is possible to get something out of nothing - by Time Shift - where the plus/minus 'balloons' do not have the same center (or time location):

The Time Shift sets some strict laws: observations can be made either inside Alpha 'balloon' or Omega 'balloon', not in both simultaneously. Yet when Alpha is separated from Omega, there will be an urge to rejoin....
creating a premise to visualize Time and Gravity.

First imagine that the center of an infinitely large balloon - the Timelessness - can be at any Location. If to presume that it can also be simultaneously in different Locations, then it would take Time to cover a Distance between 2 possible centers of Timelessness. If now to Identify one of these potential centers as the Beginning (of Time) and then Locate the other center as the End (of Time), then it would create an observable Time-Distance (Space-time) difference of the balloons' own opposite Weight (mass). It would not matter anymore how big is the balloon as all that matters is we can now Identify and Locate everything between Alpha and Omega - the Beginning and the End of Infinity.
Please note: the only way for Alpha to 're-unite' with Omega is mass (energy) increase via star fusion, where heavier elements are produced.

A relation between [the Beginning] Identity and [the End] Location could be experienced and observed as Time-Tension between opposite mass [Gravity] and Light's Movement.

2. Black and White Snake.

Please note: in order to simplify the concept, only 2 states of time are described below, where matter has a positive and antimatter a negative mass, as presented on Summary page:

"+m" ≠ "-m" = "+m", meaning that matter and anti-matter can have either a positive or negative mass, dependent on "When" and "Where" the tetra-state of an instant (the observer) is.

There are 4 possible instances (see the Yin-Yang symbol below):

1. Known matter +m (past);
2. Black Hole (Event Horizon - the present of past);
[Time Zero Asymmetry Flip (mass (time) reversal)];
3. White Hole (Anti-Horizon - the present of future);
4. Unknown (dark) matter -m (future).

Please note: there is no difference between known and unknown (dark) matter, but the time-location of an observer - somewhat similar to the double-slit experiment (Young's experiment), where the results depend on the observer.

Furthermore, if an instantaneous mass (or spin) reversal, without reversing the charge, were possible, everything in the Universe would be observable, not just at atomic level, as observed at Washington State University very first time on the 10th April 2017.

However, that is not how time - the solution to the Problem of Chaos - works.

In physical reality we can not perceive Primordial Waters, or Chaos. It's because of the way we experience Time and Distance - the Universe - built from matter that can not co-exist with antimatter at the same time and place simultaneously, as one would eliminate ('Eat') the other instantly. Therefore, our perception of Time and Distance, - the visible Universe - ends at a Black Hole, where matter (the visible Universe) is 'Eaten' by the time-tension of antimatter (an invisible Universe), separated and located in a Time Shift (mirror) in the opposite sides of Black Holes.

3. Fire and Earth

Stars and Planets
evolve only when 'Mouth of Anti-Snake' is closed. But if growing too big, and crossing the limits of Time-tension [Gravity] field, they will explode in Supernovae. Then mouth of Anti-Snake may open, to swallow the star. Once shining star will turn then to a Black Hole.

Similar to planets, when the mouth of Anti-Snake - the gates of 'Iron Wall' (below right) - is closed, new stars and planets, born from the interaction of their parents Yin and Yang (below left) who have reached their tension-climax in 'an orgasmic' explosion of Supernovae, the new star children will be pushed out of the reach of Anti-Snake - Black Hole.

The 2 Snakes may co-exist in the exact same location, but only in a Time Shift which is 'out of reach' for our perception, as one of them - 'the Anti' - is dwelling on the other side of Time Mirror, being always AFTER everything we can perceive, measure or experience: see, hear, smell, taste, touch. The Anti-Snake may be even in the exact same room with us, but because of the Time-Shift, it's invisible, or if at the same time, then in a different room, made of opposite - antimatter.

It means that if we can experience and measure only what's shifted towards past - a 'negative time' - then in the opposite, Anti-Universe, it is possible to experience and measure only what's Shifted towards future - a 'positive time'. But because there is also an 'overlapping area' (where 'tale of one snake is in the mouth of the other') it is also possible to experience future, not in a physical form but in an 'ethereal' - visions and dreams - where linear Time Lines overlap. 'Tale in the mouth' means also that matter has not been 'swallowed' by anti-matter. A physical body, be it made of matter or anti-matter, can be observed only in one of the sides of the Time Mirror, not in both simultaneously - in the past and future.

On the scale of the Universe it means that all we are able to observe in the Universe makes the Total Past of Cosmos, which equals to the time it takes for light to travel (note: it is impossible to know how the Universe actually looks like, as all we see is how it looked a fraction of second ago, or millions to billions years ago), while the invisible dark expanding space, everything that can't be physically registered (dark matter), makes the Total Future of Cosmos. The visible 'shrinking past' turns to invisible 'expanding future' after the energy (matter) of Past has been consumed and turned to expansion energy (matter) of Future. The moment when (and where) the visible Past disappears, being swallowed by Anti-Snake and turned to invisible expanding energy - 'after becoming pregnant' - is called Event Horizon. The opposite to Black Holes are White Holes - Energy Gateways - to exit from beyond Anti Event Horizon.

4.The Sequence of Events.

1. Alpha E = 0 Ignition towards Omega E = 0;
2. E = mc2 - Virgin Universe, with no 'holes' but a mirror membrane (from the upper right hand corner);
3. Passing through the mirror - breaking the membrane. A movement towards extreme plus/minus tension. (the lower left hand corner);
4. Big Bang - Blinding Enlightenment. Birth of a new Universe after maximum tension is reached. Mass Z = 1;
5. Early Universe - the reversed Alpha-Omega transformation. Black Holes sucking energy and matter (from the upper left hand corner);
6. Consumption at equilibrium field (galaxy) - only a fraction of the expanded space is observable from the opposite corner;
7. Event Anti-Horizon - opposite to Black Hole effect. Omega has reached a critical level, which triggers Omega to Alpha transformation, passing through the 'mirror' equilibrium field. The invisible becomes visible, reflecting light (from the lower right hand corner);
8. A New World - after Omega to Alpha transformation is complete.

In the Universal scale, it means that the expansion of space reaches maturity when energy consumed through Black Holes is released through White Holes, for a new, Virgin Universe to appear.
In that new Universe there are 'no more Snakes', as when one Snake has been 'sucked out of energy' by the other, who has now no choice but to release all the energy consumed, it will be 'cast out of Heaven', to end up where only 'Lake of Fire and Sulfur' remains - in the Total Past side of the Time Mirror - with no more energy to swallow, to have a Future. It's because there are 'no more cracks' in the Time Mirror - Black Holes. The rest of the Universe will shine.

"See, Body is a Filter, for Time to pass through a Mirror. Otherwise how would it know which way you go?"

© Endel Rivers, 2012

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Some more to consider:
How do Black Holes look from the other side?

Have you ever wondered why does Yin-Yang symbol have two centers, not one?
Is it because of the Universe, the way it looks?... Stars and galaxies shining through the darkness, Black Holes 'swallowing' the Light?
But by a closer examination it appears, that the 'black' invisible Universe of mysterious dark energy and matter makes 96% of the total, while everything that's visible - 'white' - only 4%. On the Yin-Yang symbol the Universe is 50-50 black and white. Why so?
Maybe because the other side of a black hole looks exactly opposite - white?

Or maybe to show the essence of Alpha-Omega's duality: "Two will overcome the One", by filtering out a constant ego-noise that comes from Singularity - an infinite static mass symmetry. Peace of mind in that immobile eternity could be hell of an issue, if waters are not separated from waters, hydrogen from hydrogen.

But if infinity is separated - how does the Universe look then - from the opposite end of a 'tunnel'?
All in Light? Or still the same - 96% filled with darkness, regardless from which end to observe?

The Universe comes from Word, the source of all things according to the Law of Time, not to be broken or conquered by anyone, although Time itself may be conquered.
But how... can One conquer Time which can exist only between Two?!

One must become Two,
hot or cold,
as there is Nothing between One.

Petrus the Templar, June 30, 2011