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Concept-version 2009.


Where else could all the energy and matter go,
consumed in billions of years through Black Holes,
if not into the expansion of the Universe.


When we try to describe an infinitely small space like the center of a black hole by using a coordinate system as shown below on the left, we will run out of content - the zero can't be described. But if we divide the zero or singularity into a duality by separating plus and minus as shown on the right, then a new system emerges - a cube with the Zero in its center which can be measured and described.

The division suggests:

- the origin of dark energy and matter (ca 96% of all energy and matter in our universe) is the energy and matter which is converted through black holes to the opposite phase in relation to the light's movement;
- caused by opposite mass tension (gravity), the mass-energy conversion starts at relative 0% till reaches a relative 100%, then enters a new phase;
- the total convertible mass (energy) of the Universe equals zero in it's negative value;
- as a result of these conversions, the Universe evolves and expands in four consecutive time phases and has a state of rest.

It has been generally accepted in science
that the Universe evolved from a tiny seed.
But where did the ability to evolve come from?...
and did the seed have positive or negative mass?

Let's try to find out.

What do we need to know?

First of all - the total mass of the Universe, and that there are waves and particles that move at various speeds and trajectories...

Now we can draw a 3 dimensional co-ordinate system which shows the relations between mass and these movements, where Y axis shows the speed at which particles travel we call "Distance", X axis the wave speed we call "Time", starting from the very beginning, while Z axis is showing the total mass of the event known as Big Bang.

As we all know, when there is no mass and charge then there is no inertia, and the speed of particles called photons equals to the speed of waves, that are also called photons. Therefore X = Y = 299,792,458 meters per second - the light's movement which creates two dimensions out of three - the constant time expansion that can be observed and measured in terms of "before-after" and "behind-ahead", yet not in terms of "below-above", because there is no amplitude at that constant speed but frequency and length.

In order to calculate the total volume of everything that has an amplitude below or above that constant speed we use a simple geometrical formula: Volume = height times length times width, or E = mc2.

As we can see - more mass means more energy.

By measuring the volume - energy created by these movements, we can get some answers about what an energy force can do, yet not what it is, if we do not know the source that created all these movements. As for an example we know what gravity does but we don't know what it is. According to the above presented 3 dimensional space model, there can be only one option to find the source that created all these movements - it has to be somewhere "above that space".

Looking for the answers above that space.

First let's presume that there is a force above that space which created all movements in the Universe - a force that can be felt but not found or seen. Long time ago, thousands of years ago, there was a prediction: Heavens will open up one day above the Earth (will become visible). Is it physically possible? Let's try to find out.


If to presume that there is an opposite corner to the above presented energy corner, in 180 degrees angle, with exactly the same Mass, Time and Distance properties as described above, but in opposite values, then it would create a situation where the Universe had defined time, distance and mass instantly, as soon as it was charged purely by the attraction to its own opposite.

This symmetry of opposites forms a Times Cube, which can be as big as the Universe or as small as zero, yet observable from One corner at a time only, which shows the dual nature of a Zero - it can be either the beginning or the end, but not both simultaneously.

If it is given that we can experience the Times Cube from one corner only at a time, then the energy vector which combines all energy forces in the field, appears to be unidirectionally pushed or pulled towards its 180 degrees opposite corner - a "missing half" of absolute relative to observer from the opposite corner. Therefore the time expansion relative to the same observer is also unidirectional.

On the image below the energy vector is shown in action (as viewed from the lower corner), creating a gravitational pull towards opposite corner, affecting everything that contains mass.

When X and Y axes are showing the dual motion, then the Z axes show the duality of statics. On the image below the duality of statics is shown by enlarging one of the total mass axes billions of times, which enables to take a look what mass is, and how it is related to the dual motion relative to opposite charge - what is meant by saying: "mass was charged by the attraction to its own opposite".

The image shows any mass volume at any charge value relative to the dual motion within the Times Cube symmetry field of opposite mass tension, showing also that a division consists from two opposite divisions, which may seem as one, yet which is a symmetry of one.

As we can also see, the volume between duality of motion and statics equals energy in absolute, but relative to absolute it equals mass.
In other words, energy is nothing but a potential relation between motion and statics, where opposite charge shows the tension of a static state relative to the dual motion created by the opposite mass tension.

This tension creates a "materialized state of energy" - forming a "road" by which energy is traveling at any mass level relative to the dual motion of light, which enables an observer to observe the Times Cube from one corner only.


The relations between circular and linear motion at the speed of light could be visualized here also as follows: if to bend one dimensional straight line in one direction (in a half-circle for example) then it would bend simultaneously in the other direction to form a two dimensional plane.

And that if viewed from only one side, which gives us 1/2 circle. In order to visualize the full circle we have to "flatten the cube", so that half of the time and distance would come from the top and the other half from the bottom.

If we would now "extract" time from distance and view them separately then we would see two identical squares (or circles) with just one difference - the opposite directions.

If we go back now to the cube, and replace the smaller scale Z axes which show the opposite charge with the larger scale Z axes which show the opposite mass tension, then we can examine the Times Cube from both sides.

As we can see, everything within the gravitational energy current can cross the G symmetry field, except the light that creates Time and Distance.

This is the reason why for an observer from an opposite corner of space (the Earth, cut off from the other side by the "iron wall" - the nucleus) 96% of energy and matter of the Universe - all that has been consumed (sucked) by the opposite mass tension remains dark, and all matter formed on the other side does not reflect nor absorb light, while relative to observable light (time and distance), the same "sucked" energy keeps working towards expansion of the Universe... till reaching 4 x 100% level, if calculated by half of the total relative mass of the Universe.

Therefore all we are able to see is just a fraction of the Universe - it's just like "nothing up there", although it is not quite "up there" - it's everywhere.

Does this mean that there is a link between an "invisible world" around us and black holes?... Sure it does. Let's take a look.

The horizontal AZ axes show the age of Universe, measured by the light's movement. The vertical AZ axis on the right it's total positive mass and the ZA axis on the left the total negative mass, As we can see the total positive mass equals zero in it's negative value - it's when all opposite mass has been "consumed".

Point G is the point of total equilibrium = Absolute Zero. If energy, and matter that can be measured and observed is above the equilibrium line then dark energy and dark matter is below it (and vica versa), with the total volume of 0% in the moment of birth and with the relative 100% when reaching the point of equilibrium.

Below the "rise and fall" of the opposite mass tension is shown in four different time phases:

Cause - Ignition
Phase 1 - rise to equilibrium level;
Phase 2 - rise to maximum tension level;
Effect - Big Bang
Phase 3 - fall to equilibrium level;
Phase 4 - fall to zero tension level.
State of Rest.

The G symmetry field is spread throughout the Universe, forming Galaxies - a "Field of Relative Tolerance" - a color spectrum (or a grey area if you will) between total darkness and light that defines the transition between two consecutive time phases - 3 and 4 at G = Zero. It is the area of highest possible energy (information) rate in terms of observable reality, while comprising only 0.4% of the total energy of the Universe. Intergalactic gas that has not been consumed by the Z - Z tension force comprises 3.6 % and total dark energy and matter - all that has been consumed through black holes constitutes 96% of the total, all calculated from our Solar System's time-distance perspective. The 0,4% is pointing towards the end of Time Phase 3, while in Time Phase 4 the invisible Universe will become gradually visible, which also means that the prediction made thousands of years ago was actually correct.

Meanwhile black holes keep "enforcing" (swallowing) all available energy. Like huge engines they make all galaxies to move and to form space formations which show us the magnitude of the event known as Big Bang in terms of time, while the undetected dark energy and matter keeps growing on the other side like a baby in mother's womb.

Most of the vastness we observe has never been there before, what we consider to be the past, yet the future of which has been pre-determined from the very beginning.

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