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Time Phase One - The Day.

In terms of the relatively recent discovery of Black Holes, it is a universe with no holes :)
The best way to describe it would be to imagine how the Universe would look if all what's missing in space - the dark matter - would reflect light. The same cosmos up there that is filled with darkness would be unrecognizable. All the beauty of galaxy that can be captured these days only through telescopes would be observable with naked eye or, at least everything that surrounds the Solar System.

The Time Phase One is an era of young Universe when there is no darkness, far before it matures to produce a Big Bang.

Time Phase Two - The Evening.

A is the opposite of A and it's main attraction.
Point G at this time phase is what could be described as a mirror image of indescribable beauty of the young Universe.

But as soon as this image is touched, all of it's beauty will vanish - the membrane of virginity will be broken and behind the membrane is darkness.

The Time Phase 2 starts from the moment when unidirectional natural energy current that flows from one corner of cosmos towards the other breaks the membrane at relative 100% mass level and passes through the point of equilibrium.

It is the time phase when a new baby starts forming and growing in mother's womb, as the natural current is filling the womb of Yin on the other side of Yang.

It can be also described as watching clouds on the surface of water, above the Gulf Stream for example, then jumping into the "clouds" and finding that there is no way back - the Gulf Stream is far too strong. Then it carries the "jumper" towards north, where it cools down and falls to the bottom of the ocean, into the deep darkness where the journey continues towards south, to resurface once again after the water has warmed up.

Time Phase Three - The Night.

Now there is suddenly an opening - Bang - birth of (to) the other side of the Child of Yang, to come out of Yin.

But the child has born into a different, a changed universe, where natural energy has been turned upside down - the newly forming supermassive black holes are sucking everything in sight.

A new, violent era has just started, enforced by the opposite maximum mass (Z - Z) energy current, creating tensions of unimaginable proportions.

The image above shows the opposite "sucking effect" relative to the light's movement, which keeps circulating the way it was described when the cube was flattened to two dimensions.

Time Phase Four - The New Dawn.

But then, there will be a moment of silence in the Universe, when something unimaginable will happen - an Event Anti-Horizon. It's when the enforced energy current will reach it's opposite mass limit at the equilibrium point G.

Everything that has been sucked and consumed in billions of years through black holes will be delivered. The universe will start gradually glowing again - just like any other dawn of a new day, till there will be darkness no more.

But no-one has seen it yet. Except maybe those who know how to pass the point G gravity/anti-gravity in both directions.

Then it would be like flying from North America to Australia - from a later season to an earlier season. Yet without the knowledge of manifestations it would be impossible - there are customs, quarantine and border protection zones to pass...

Below: Hourglassman by Bruno

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