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The Times Cube is not a spiritual realm. Rather a 3 dimensional manifestation of it, where one dimensional timeless and formless mass, when charged, is shaped in 2 dimensional time (frequency) and distance (length) to many different 3 dimensional energy-forms.

Because the spiritual realm is the source of all physical manifestations, the Times Cube will now be called Maya. Beside the physics of Maya, there are few more essential subjects to be included (I Ching, Ka Ba Akh) before the last chapter - Scarab Concept - could be introduced.

The acknowledgement: thanks to all artists whose graphic art has been used on the following pages for illustrative purposes only.

The Calendar of Maya.

Kala (time in Sanskrit) and Chakra (wheel/cycle), or Kalachakra is a Sanskrit term used in Tantric Buddhism for time-cycle - the last tantric systems to be brought to Tibet from India. Below the four previously described time phases are added to a Kalachakra Sand Mandala to form a Calendar of Maya.

On the images below the first three time phases are expressed in the forms of three Hindu deities: Vishnu, Shiva and Kali.

Under Vishnu's feet is darkness, and when he appears as Shiva, the darkness under his feet starts forming itself. From 12 am it takes a form of Kali (or Kali Ma - mother Kali), who will trample on sleeping Shiva till the dawn.

Vishnu is often portrayed with four attributes (our attention is on the lotus flower), Shiva with two (attention on the drum) and Kali with all Vishnu's and Shiva's attributes (except the lotus flower and the drum) plus all her own attributes.

Vishnu is called the maintainer of space and Shiva the transformer of time, or in terms of physics - the X and Y axes of Maya.

The lotus flower is a symbol of "an opening" (space) and the drum of constant time - the aspects of light and it's movement that can't be "possessed" or "taken away".

The word Kali means Black, and if associated with Kala (time) then Night. It gives time a different, relative value, while the constant time is not affected.

Night (not darkness) can appear only because of the density of matter, the energy transformed to mass. Black Holes appear when there are opposite masses on the rise, creating the longest possible cycle of Night which evolves towards and around the point G - a gravity center which value equals to Absolute Zero, i.e. plus z kg minus z kg = zero - that attracts to itself all the observable reality.

There are many smaller day-night cycles within (the evolution of) the Night. The Earth has it's own day-night cycle, but only as long as it is close enough to the Sun, otherwise it would be Night all the way.
The further back in time into the Night we look, the more primitive are creatures. Yet closer to the dawn, the nature becomes more complex.


As it was shown earlier, the other halves of X (time) and Y (distance) axes are located on the bottom of Maya. On the images below Vishnu is with his "other half" Lakshmi and Shiva with Sati.

The only way for Vishnu and Shiva to meet their consorts is through manifestations. But the only way to manifest is to charge the timeless mass. So when the third axis or mass is charged with Shakti (Sanskrit: to be able) it will create the premise for three dimensional energy current to flow in time and space from the upper corner of Maya downwards - from Yang towards Yin.

As soon as the mass is charged, Brahma emerges from a lotus risen from Vishnu's navel, to become alongside with Vishnu and Shiva one of the Trimurti which in terms of physics is the upper corner of Maya.

All the above presented deities form that way the boundaries of Maya, being at the same time bound to all of it's laws (Dharma) and limits.

The black diagonal below is showing the enforced energy current (the tension between opposite masses) which will start evolving from the moment Brahma emerges, and will start dissolving as soon as the first rays of dawn appear, while the rainbow diagonal that crosses the black current is the natural flow of energy.

Because Kali and Brahma do not have time or space dimensions (mass axes), they can only grow, not evolve. Yet there is no growth without energy (evolution). So Brahma and Kali manifest through different forms of energy in order to reach their opposites they are attracted to - the Devas (Virgins) or the Asuras (Demons).

Devas can be variously interpreted as a God, angel, spirit, celestial being, deity or any supernatural being of high excellence, while Asuras are referred to as demons or sinful. Naga means Snake in Sanskrit.

Brahman, which is in Sanskrit "to grow" and Gayatri, which is the feminine form of gayatra, a Sanskrit word for "a song" are considered to be the parents of all deities coming out from Hiranyagarbha - the golden womb. Gayatri often sits on a lotus flower and appears with five heads and five pairs of hands, representing the manifestations of the goddess. She is especially identified with virgin Saraswati.

But below is another image of Kalachakra - not Mandala, but a Tantric deity of Vajrayana Buddhism - a fully enlightened being who is the focus of personal meditation.

This Kalachakra shows why Brahma, the timeless creator of all living forms, who initially had also five heads like Gayatri, became unholy when he approached virgin Saraswati in his meditation. As the consequence, Shiva, who considered Saraswati to be Brahma's own daughter (creation), cut off one of Brahma's heads that had an ability to look up - Brahma was condemned.

But the Son of Brahma and Saraswati - A Braham and Sara - the Son of Virgin broke the chains of unholiness and freed Brahma from damnation by saying: "The Master of this World is not my Father", bringing salvation this way to all within the Rainbow, to be saved when the dark energy will start dissolving in the first rays of Dawn.

bringing an end to the era of Sacrifice.


There are many descriptions of Day, Evening and Night, yet only few of New Dawn. It's because no one have experienced it yet, nor knows the form Shiva will take when he wakes up.

But maybe he is awake already?

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