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So is he awake?
To find an answer, let's make a turn, then follow a different path:

Day - Huma (similar to Benu, Phoenix), who never touches Dry Land lays its eggs in Heaven. But one falls dawn - deep into the Ocean.
Evening - Turtle comes out of the egg, reaches Dry Land and lays down its egg.
Night - out of that egg comes Fire Bird who flies up to the Sky where it lays its egg.

But in search of food, being attracted to flesh, the Fire Bird returns. After consuming flesh and blood it takes a shape of gigantic raptor - Dragon. Turtle retreats back to the Ocean, but Dragon follows him - all the way to the bottom, extending its cattle range between Sky, Dry Land and Ocean unconquered.

Dawn - Unicorns, born and risen in Sky from the egg of Fire Bird, peaceful and gentle yet fierce if threatened, are not attracted to flesh and protect their dominion. Dragon is running out of food...

To defeat Dragon means to defeat Night, while Unicorns are protecting their Child - Huma.


According to a tradition, Fu Xi had the arrangement of the I Ching revealed to him supernaturally, on the back of a mythical dragon-horse (sometimes said to be a turtle) that emerged from the river Luo.

I Ching

When a "single thing" has an ability to change - split into a dual state - it's self awareness will change.
All that was one before - self awareness, becomes two - awareness of self awareness - an ability to see oneself from different angles and sides, with the full spectrum of relations between white and black, love and hate, good and evil to explore. There is now single (body) maintained by dual (light) in three dimensional transitional state (energy), that enables a self centered one to become aware of it, and make up one's mind in answering three questions: when, where and what am I really want to be.

A single "now, here and this" would mean the present.


A dual "always, everywhere and everything" would show
the nature of its past and future - before and after.


These three questions or dimensions, which consist from singularity and duality remain the same in all levels of awareness, and in turn create the same three questions, but in a different frequency (time), length (distance) and amplitude (mass).

When there is no amplitude then there is Light only, and when there is no frequency and length then there is Primordial Mass only, but with no amplitude, because there is no measurable length for it. This shows the difference between singularity or a "single thing" - self awareness, and duality - the "same thing" in a dual state - awareness of Singular One - the Total Darkness.

There is a 9 billion dollar (the cost of LHC) unanswered question in quantum physics: "Where does the mass come from?"
Yet without asking: "Where does it go?" it would be hard to formulate an answer. Furthermore - without asking questions about the purpose and intentions "of it" - the Universe - it may end up in wasting all the money.


Being Fully Aware can be interpreted as 'Understanding the Wisdom' of a "single thing" which is constantly balancing and changing it's dual state of awareness between the three dimensions - frequency, length and amplitude - by constantly transforming mass to time and distance.

in a force field of 64 interactive changing positions where all the transformations take place. The force field is like a chessboard where black and white are evenly balanced, where Yin and Yang are facing their opposites within, and outside.

Above left: an ancient I Ching tablet in Xi'an Folk Museum.

The Opponents.

There are three main forces in the field:
attraction causing expansion causing conflict, where
1 - draws one object towards another (natural energy),
2 - changes the time-distance between the objects (light), and
3 - attracts natural energy towards opposite mass (enforced energy).

There is no positive or negative energy - energy is simply energy,
but there is a tension when it is attracted to negative mass.

Below the "conflict" is examined by comparing some encrypted texts of Hindu, Christian and Muslim Lore.

If in an encrypted text Black and White are described in interaction as Gor and Yuan, but in another text as Caor and Jun, with no further descriptions, then to presume that Gor and Caor may have similar meanings and Yuan and Jun may have similar meanings would be more sensible than to presume that Yuan and Caor may mean the same or Jun and Gor may mean the same.

Gog - Ma'Gog (a prince and a land), Christian;
Koka - Vi'Koka (two generals of Kali), Hindu;
Ya'Juj - Ma'Juj (two tribes imprisoned behind Iron Wall) Muslim;
Jaya - Vi'Jaya (two children and guardians of Kalki - Vishnu) Hindu.

See some additional descriptions of these encryptions after the "next page" line below.

J stands for Alpha - an "Opening", and G for Omega - the "Closure", which may have dual meanings, while attractions to Black and White have not. The Red Cross stands for Dawn and Moon for the Night. Dawn will overcome the Night, not by force, but by Alpha-Omega's own Law - the Book (the Key) the High Priestess is holding.

Yet there is a saying:
"The darkest hour of all is just before the dawn."

Alpha and Omega.

It is well known in science that dark matter is all around us and even penetrates us, although we can't touch nor see it. Many scientists have put a great deal of effort in trying to measure it, but with no success - the dark matter remains firmly on the other side - in a different time phase relative to the observer.

In order to reach this mysterious substance that is within and next to us, we would have to take a trip to the center of the Galaxy that would last one Great Year (all the Astrological Ages) - ca 26 000 years at the speed of light, then go through the Black Hole and come back, which would take another (minus) 26 000 years.

Great Year can be visualized as an "Analog World" where information is collected, stored, delivered or accessed (by "witches and wizards" :) in a certain sequence, which would allow to reproduce everything that has been stored.

But there is also a "Digital World".
When Analog looks for emotional outputs, the Digital needs intelligent inputs. During constant conversions, one will grow, while for the other the size does not really matter. In Digital, the Analog sequence, if stored, can be accessed randomly - like in a dream where one is accessing smaller or larger memory banks. Yet without understanding the intelligence behind it, all may seem quite chaotic and without any purpose - similar to what many may think about stars and the Universe - a random gravitational field.

Below: Denderah Zodiac and Dragonis -
it takes ca 26 000 years to close this circle.

But now, if there was a "shortcut" in the center of Sun or, in the center of the Earth, relative to the galactic force field of the point G = zero, then there would be no need to travel so far - an invisible world would appear in front of us in no time...

...which means that the shortest way to reach the stars is inside, not outside.

Stars and planets are "cut off" from the other side (i.e. the invisible Universe) by an 'Iron Wall' - the nucleus - while a Black Hole is an "open mouth". Below is an example of the 'wall', built by star fusion.

Silicon fusion results in an end product of iron. Iron is the most stable nucleus, and cannot be fused to produce energy. The star must now turn to something completely different. But Earth on the right looks very much like a ripe fruit... :)

"Every day Ya'Juj and Ma'Juj try to break through the wall, until they reach the end of it to that extent that they can actually see the light on the other side. Then they return saying: "We will break through tomorrow." But Allah causes the wall to revert to its original thickness and the next day they have to start digging through the wall all over again." (Ahmed, Tirmidhi, Ibne Majah)

The Traditions.

According to Islamic tradition, a Stone fell from Heaven to show Adam and Eve where to build an altar and offer a sacrifice to God. The Altar became the first temple on Earth. It is believed that the stone was originally pure and dazzling white, but has since turned black because of the sins it has absorbed over the years. The ritual of the Hajj involves pilgrims rotating around, and attempting to kiss the Black Stone seven times.

Above: the Black Stone of Mecca - the cornerstone of Ka'ba.

Thousands of years ago, there was a tradition in Egypt, where certain rituals were conducted for Ka'Ba to become Akh - the Shining One, where Ba was soul or personality, Ka it's double energy, and Akh when they were united as Ka'Ba of Akh (forming the basis of Kaballah).

But according to Christian tradition, one should eat Christ's Body (Ba or bread) and drink his blood (Ka or wine), so that the Kingdom of Heaven (Akh or the Shining One) could grow like a grain - first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel within the head.

Below: St Peter's square and the Pinecone at Vatican.

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Ya'Juj - Ma'Juj

"It never occurs to them that they can merely cross the mountains or scale the wall, which they can do through the aid of equipment and implements witch they possess... it will only occur to them to say it when Allah wills that they be released."
From: "Signs of Qiyamah" by Mohammed Ali Ibn Zubair Ali.

Woe unto the Arabs from a danger that has drawn near. An opening has been made in the wall of Ya'Juj - Ma'Juj like this" (making a circle with his thumb and index finger.) (Bukhari/Muslim)

Jaya - Vi'Jaya

1. The two children of Kalki - the manifestation of Vishnu at the end of Kali Yuga.
2. The two gate-keepers of the abode of Vishnu, known as Vaikuntha (place of
eternal bliss).

When the four Kumara sages, who undertook lifelong vows of celibacy (refraining from sex) tried to enter Vaikuntha, Jaya and Vi'Jaya stopped them, and because of that, they were cursed by the sages to fall down into the material world. But Vishnu later received the sages himself, who requested Vishnu to decide the punishment for not letting them in. Vishnu gave Jaya and Vi'Jaya two options - either to be born as mortals seven times, as his devotees, or three times as his opponents. Jaya and Vi'Jaya chose to be born rather three times than seven - in three different time phases, so that in one time phase - in Kali Yuga, when they are free from the curse, they can stay with Vishnu.

(A clever decision: in the age of Kali (Night) they stay with Vishnu, while there is no night (opposition to Vishnu) on the other time phases.)

Koka - Vi'Koka

The twin brothers, warriors, generals of Kali, great fanatics and adept in the art of war.

Brahma eventually appears to Kalki during the battle and reveals to him that the twin demons had received from him the boon of Immortality. No earthly or celestial weapon can kill them if they are allowed to hold onto one another. The only way for the dark duo to die is to separate and attack them both simultaneously.

Gog - Ma'Gog

"A Prince and a Land" may be interpreted as One World - One Ruler.

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