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But how could all that be reflected in our everyday life, the routine we are living in?

Life is a circulation of energy. There are smaller and larger, tiny and huge circulations, where everything is connected to everything else in an infinite Cosmic Ocean, bound by the same laws of nature that start from zero and one, and end in zero and one.

Yet, the zero and one are not the same in the beginning and at the end.
What's the difference? First of all their names - the Beginning and the End.

The Beginning and the End have been viewed in Eastern Philosophy via the unity of opposites - YIN and YANG. In Ancient Egypt, the unity of opposites was viewed as AKH - the unified KA (Yin) and BA (Yang), showing that within the Beginning is the End and within the End is the Beginning:

Within Her Soul KA (Yin) dwells BA (Yang) - His Soul She seeks,
within His Soul BA dwells KA - Her Soul He seeks.
When the two souls are united, then there is no more KA and BA, but AKH - the Shining One.

On a side note: imagine two hydrogen atoms - the building blocks of the Universe. There would be no starlight without their unification via nuclear fusion.

Boys and girls have both KA and BA within themselves, that are forming and reforming their identities. Most boys dream to meet a girl who would be like their KA, while most girls are dreaming about boys who would look and act like their BA. Yet, everyday life with all its routines may appear to be somewhat different from a dream...

About One and Zero Split - the Time Shift

There is no word (in any language) which could describe 1 and 0 as 10, 100, 1000 etc.
It also means that when KA and BA are as one, there is no KA and BA, but AKH, with zero differences between them. No matter if there is one, few, or gazillion zeros, they all show different levels and the magnitude of the same one - the Shining One. For Ka it is the name of Her inner Ba, and for Ba it is the name of His inner Ka.

As it was explored in the previous chapter: 'When, Where and What Am I really want to be?',
BA stands for 'Now, Here and This', that also shows the nature of light (photons) as particles, forming a masculine aspect of AKH


and KA stands for 'Always, Everywhere and Everything',
that also shows the nature of photons as waves, forming a feminine aspect of AKH


If to merge the Ka (Yin) and Ba (Yang) images into one, a set of 9 elements emerge, forming the fundamentals of Ka Ba Akh, better known as Ka Ba Lah, which 10th element is 1 and 0

How to understand this?
An interaction of the 9 elements results in a 10th element


which without a 1 and 0 split (time-shift) would have no past nor future

The split is a moment when a new circulation starts - for life to enter an unknown world of changes...

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