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But how could that all be reflected in our everyday life,
the routine we are living in?

Life is a circulation of energy.
There are smaller and larger, tiny and huge circulations, where everything is connected to everything regardless of size, binded together by the same laws and principles which start from zero and end in zero.

Yet these two zeros - the beginning and the end - they are not the same. What's the difference? First of all their names - the Beginning and the End.


The beginning is Yang and the end is Yin - the "same thing" in duality. Within the beginning is the end and within the end is the beginning.

Within Yin, Her soul - Ka, dwells Ba - His soul She seeks;
and within Yang, His soul - Ba, dwells Ka - Her soul He seeks.
When these two souls are united, then there is Akh - The Shining One.
Everything outside the Shining One is Shadow.

All boys and girls have both Ka and Ba within themselves - that is their soul. Boys dream to meet a girl who would be like their Ka, while girls are dreaming about boys who would look and act like their Ba. Yet everyday life with all its routines may appear to be quite different from a dream.

Below is how it works for me and my wife Sirje.

About numbers.

There is no word (in any language) which could describe 10, 100, 1000 (...) as One and Zero. Therefore when Ka and Ba are united, there is no more Ka and Ba but there is Akh - The Shining One.
There can be "zillion" zeros - all show different levels of awareness of the same 1 - the Shining One - for Ka it is Ba and for Ba it is Ka.


If to call 10, 100, 1000 (or more zeros) with another word - "these", then there can be 9 of "these" in endless combinations. Why 9? The answer is in the question, formulated in the previous chapter: when, where and what am I really want to be?

A single (Ba) "now, here and this" would mean the present.


A dual (Ka) "always, everywhere and everything" would show
the nature of its past and future - before and after.


If to look at the "single" Ba and "dual" Ka together - as Ka Ba of Akh, a Tree will start growing, with 9 energy centers within. This tree is known as Kabala, or Qabalah, or Kabbalah, or Kaballah... but we call it Ka Ba Akh.

5. Ka Ba Akh.

Zero and one - 10 - the "same thing", unified within itself,
in a higher octave of awareness.


Yet if it doesn't change - split into two -
then it will not be aware of it self awareness.

It is a moment when a new circulation starts -
life is entering an unknown world of changes...

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