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Entering the circulation.

Kaballah is believed by many to be a form of magic practiced by the Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians - a set of esoteric teachings that is meant to explain the relationship between an infinite, eternal and essentially unknowable Creator with the finite and mortal universe of His creation. It has been also regarded as a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Judaism. The subject is built around three objects - the central, right and left pillars.

In our case, the three pillars are Ka (left), Ba (right) and Akh (central).

Each pillar is divided into three sub-divisions as it is shown above and was explained on the previous page, which form a "road map" by which energy is circulating. Without that road map of 9, which consists from 6 relative energy centers and one central energy, divided to four levels (see below), there would be no growth.

The Seed is 10, and the Fruit is 10, and Akh is 10.
But as soon as 10 splits to 1 and 0, a new circulation starts
which follows the same road map of 9,
which ends with a new 10,
which splits to 1 and 0,
which follows the same road map of 9,
to reach another 10,
which splits to 1 and 0, to reach another 10...

That's how growth is generated,
which can also be degenerated, as it is two way traffic -
all the way up or all the way down - rising or falling.
Those who have risen to 1 000 000 000
may fall, while those who are at the zero are rising.

The rise or fall may be instant, or may be slow -
it's because the road map of 9 is purely emotional,
while 1 and 0 is purely intellectual.

The road map of 9, starting from 10, which consists from both, is called the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil, expressed in an abstracted form in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.

The Major Arcana.

First we divide the growth of the Tree into Four Quarters (levels):
the first quarter is The Seed,
the second quarter is The Roots,
the third quarter is The Branches,
the fourth quarter is The Fruits.

We start where the circulation starts - at the seed level, which enables us to observe growth of the tree in three parallel lines:

the central line - a Single Duality Force (we called Akh);
on it's right will be the same force but shown separately
as Single Force that turns matter into energy (we called Ba);
and on the left also the same force, but as separate Dual Force
that turns energy into matter (we called Ka):

KA - energy to matter - Dual Force DF (multiplication, pregnancy);
BA - matter to energy - Single Force SF (division, digestion);
AKH - natural or central energy current - Single Duality Force SDF;
SHADOW - the root energy field between SF and DF;

First Quarter - The Seed.

The Seed consists of SF (digested) and DF (related) information, ignited by the SDF split - an attraction force - a fertility force that is called in Major Arcana The World.

The Ox, Lion, Eagle and Man represent the growth of the Tree:
Ox stands for the Seed, Lion for the Roots, Eagle for the Branches and Man for the Fruits, which means that the road map for the growth is already inside the seed. A staff in each hand show the opposite potentials to use these powers, the veil represents unknown - mysteries of the World - where a Woman, by the Law of Nature, is the central attraction for a Man, as without Woman there would be no fertility, and therefore, no World.

In Dreamtime it was believed all Men came from Animals,
and it was the original fighting by Animals for food and the best females which originally instigated regular competitions between the various types of Animals. (Excerpts from Indigenous Australia)

After the seed is ignited, SDF splits into SF and DF, driven by two attractions: Sex (DF) - to multiply, and Food (SF) - to grow. DF gives energy a form, SF gives the form energy. We call this new division of SDF Urges and Natural Instincts.

Food is an attraction that makes central energy current to split and move right. The new channel is created by The Star (causality force). After Food is consumed, what's left over, enters a circulation channel called The Moon (the effect).
Sexual attraction makes central energy current to split and move left - into a channel created by The Sun (causality force). All that comes out of that energy channel will enter a circulation channel called The Judgement (the effect).

When Food that is provided by the Star stands for everything that can be consumed and digested, be it in solid, liquid or a gaseous state (smoke), then Sex stands for sensual and emotional growth, forming the basis for all relations.

There are no choices at the Seed level, nor there are any values that could be compared to any other values, as there are no attractions other than these two - Sex and Food - to eat and multiply, so everything keeps circulating naturally.

Until a question arises - is there anything else to be found, outside this circulation? In answer to this question, the Star has produced a new kind of Food, more subtle than ever before to digest - Thought. But what would be the value of a thought when there are no other relations than sexual and food?

A new fragile sense, a feeling is forming, powered by the Sun.

In order to find answers to these questions, a way out of the circulation must be found first.
But where is the way out, and what is the way out, and is there anything outside the circulation after all? These questions, driven by mystery, will create a new attraction, which starts forming and accumulating new forms of energy inside the circulation.

Images below:
A medieval theological concept of Trinity Shield.

Excerpts from the Bible:

"Multiply and replenish the Earth." (on the left)
"Anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me." (on the right)
"Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." (in the center)
Note: the word 'Waters' refers to 'Emotional Field' that connects everything with everyone.
Holy Spirit means Love.

Second Quarter - The Roots.

The seed-level circulation starts when urges and natural instincts are split into two. In order to get pass that split and the circulation, a balancing force is needed - a focal point outside that circulation to avoid turning left or right.

In the Major Arcana this balancing force is called Temperance.
Temperance is the force that makes it possible to get from the seed-level to the next - root-level, where new choices and values may be discovered.

But if there are no choices or values to be found above the seed-level, then there will be a turning back to the old attractions below - Sex and Food.

This "turning back" will cause a disaster to the natural circulation, as what was natural before (not chosen or valued), is now chosen and valued from above - Food and Sex become a pleasure.

What was unknown on the seed-level becomes common on the root level - fighting and slaughtering for food and sexual pleasures become a part of natural circulation.

Like cancer it starts spreading diseases which start forming cells in the chain - Triangles of Hell. The Ox - the seed-level power is now slaughtered by the Lion.

When this nonfictional disaster is also amplified by fictional, by those who are aware of the powers of sensual imagination, then things will go from bad to worse - when the roots of the Tree of Life are poisoned, the tree may die.

Third Quarter - The Branches.

Yet the seed-level has its own circulation, powered by the Ox, who can still carry the tree. Not all that originates and evolves from urges and natural instincts, when becomes old and experienced, will be attracted to what's young and inexperienced, and when becomes strong, will slaughter the weak by consuming from "Above" what belongs to "Below" - flesh and blood - body and soul.

In time the Ox will learn to protect its dominion.

But If looking for new values continues above the seed-level, with no turning back, then trunk and branches will suddenly emerge. The growth of these branches will be driven by two new attractions above the roots - Faith and Gold.

Faith gets its powers from the belief that there are higher values to be found above the roots that grow deep in the dark. The first little branch that is reaching out of the soil is Faith. Gold is the second branch - reaching out to achieve something more than just pleasure. It is not easy to find Faith, nor is it easy to find Gold, but if found, and united, the Strength of Eagle will be gained which gives the power to defeat the Lion.

Yet even after reaching out of the dark to establish new values and to find new choices, the forces of the hungry wild Lion will still be there, bringing forward two new attractions - converting everything that has been achieved to pleasure, and to starting to judge - every single man - though the judgement is based on beliefs rather than knowledge. The Eagle will fall, while justice remains hidden behind the veil of Justice in the third quarter.

A new circulation has been established - fed from below, evolving above. Yet Above and Below are not so easy to grasp, because what is Below can be Above, and what is Above can be Below. If it was an ordinary tree, then there wouldn't be anything else to look for? But it is not - there are still mysteries to solve...

Fourth Quarter - The Fruits.

There are many of those for whom the powers of the first Three Quarters are the ultimate truth - what could be more powerful than Faith and Gold, Sex and Food - the powers of Ox, Lion and Eagle? And what could have higher value than Faith and Gold?

Multiplication (sex) and consumption (food) are at the seed-level the only choice, the only truth, while at the branches-level Faith and Gold may be the right choices, the highest values and the truth.

But there is a time when all that will change - it is when fruits will start forming themselves.

Above Gold is Love and Understanding - a force of Lovers so powerful, that when one falls in love with another, then there will never be anything that could match the power of their love. Only love can make one to Understand the truth.

Above Faith is Wisdom - a force of the most subtle substance, the closest to the truth. One who seeks it, will find it, and by getting attached to it, will never feel hunger again. When these two forces - Love and Wisdom are united, then Fruits will start forming themselves, and so will the power of Man.

But the forces that made the Lion and Eagle turn into hungry wild beasts are still there, waiting to swallow the Child - the New World, as soon as it is born. Love is feeding Gold which is attracted to pleasures, and Wisdom is feeding Faith which is still judging every single man who needs Food other than Wisdom.

The Tree is still one circulation, and the Triangle of Hell is part of it, forming the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil, consuming the powers of Man - the six vital breaths, from within.

Harvesting - The Tree of Life.

Supposing there were someone who could ride upon the truth of heaven and earth, who could chariot upon the transformations of the six vital breaths and thereby go wandering in infinity, what would he have to rely on?
(1, tr. Mair 1994:6) Zhuangzi (3rd-2nd centuries BCE)


When many mysteries of this world are solved, and made known through Wisdom and Understanding, Faith and Gold, all dragged into the Triangle of Hell, one last mystery remains to be solved - the secret of the Seed.

The secret is behind the veil of The High Priestess, who holds a book in her hands - if to swallow this book, and digest it, the veil will be lifted and secrets revealed. Inside the Fruit is a Seed, and inside the Seed is a Tree - an unknown world behind the veil. When the Fruit is eaten and the Seed is sown, the unknown becomes known. If there is no Fruit, then there is nothing to sow. But when the Seed is mature inside Fruit, then it's a sign that Harvesting is near.

Only a Fool can step over the edge - the Zero - to pick a Flower of Heaven for his loved one. It's something that the wise man would never do, nor understand. Yet The Magician, with the staff of power over the Four Quarters on his Right hand, stands next to him, to save the harvest.

It is only these men who know how to preserve the root from which all creation springs, and the causes, or antecedents, of all the affairs of life. Therefore they are all able to pursue their investigations without limit, and to reach that which has no end; they understand all things thoroughly, without any misconception or delusion; they respond to all requirements as the echo to a sound, and that untiringly; and this ability may be called the endowment of Heaven.
(1, tr. Balfour 1884:86) Huainanzi (2nd century BCE)

Circulation is Life, and there would be no life without circulation. Man is a cell of the Earth and the Solar System is a galactic cell. The galaxy is a cell of the Universe - all lined up, connected and circulating within the same force - Zero and One are split into Two - the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil.

These trees are known by the taste of their fruits: if Wisdom is called Growth and Understanding called Love, then taste of these fruits will be good. If Wisdom is called Unconditional Obedience and Understanding called the Reward, then taste of these fruits will not be good. If these opposites are inside one single tree, then a balance is needed - an immune system that could protect the Tree from attacking cells.

When harvesting starts, the circulation and balance inside the Tree will change, and so will its immune system. After harvesting is complete, there will be no longer a need to fight the attacking cells, so the diseases that have been locked inside the Tree will spread in all four directions. There will be no-one to blame, but oneself.

Then the World will make a turn, and the Night will be finally over. The architecture of space and time that made it possible for life to evolve, to protect itself and to survive, has completed yet another cycle, while the Grand Architect is still working in the back yard - a little Scarab, in the soil.

But that is another story,
the story of Scarab - Portrait of a Man.

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