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  • I N T R O D U C T I O N


    The main goal is to establish a (worldwide) network of like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs, who share similar interests, principles and values.

    One of the primary objectives is to establish a network (Fellowship) of people of different backgrounds and skills, particularly in the following areas: agriculture, nutrition, architecture, engineering, IT, design, building and construction, health care, finance, law, arts, music, and more.

    To gather such a network and be in touch with interested people and contributing people, based on similar interests and values, will take time, and will be an on-going process for the years to come.

    There are no 'fees and costs' involved when joining the Fellowship. There will be no further 'rules and regulations' involved other than what is agreed by signing an Agreement Form (see below).


    The purpose of establishing a Compound(s) is to create a self-sustaining living and working environment for the Fellowship members.

    The importance and relevance of developing such Compounds, and certain defense mechanisms and systems, is associated with

  • The effects of climate change on food security;
  • The growing threat of (global) war;
  • Uncertainties over (who is in control of) the development of new sensitive     technologies, including nuclear, bio-engineered and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Threats associated with the Caliphate.

  • O V E R V I E W

    The Fellowship of Thoth
    is a written agreement between individuals to confirm their commitment to the common cause according to the Rules that govern a Compound, which includes (agricultural) land and a facility complex, with its

    Activities and Support,
    Principles and Intentions,

    Summarized in the following order:

  • Science and Arts
  • Money and Religion
  • Sex and Food
  • Language

  • 1. Activities and Support


    Research (in focus):
    - A correlation formula between the mass increase of black holes and the expansion of the Universe (Related:
    Negative Mass [Wiki]);

    Development (on-going):
    - Energy and food production in self-sustaining Compounds,
    - Health care in Compounds,
    - Self-defense systems of Compounds.


    - All genres of music that can be performed with natural and acoustic instruments (strings, woodwind, brass and percussive),
    - All forms of art and design that express meaningful ideas, harmony and wisdom.


    - A private banking system, for financial management and strategic sustainable investments at a fixed capital reserve,
    - Purchasing (agricultural) land,
    - Financing the development and construction of Compounds.


    Please note: Latin 'Evolutio' means "Unrolling of a scroll",
    while 'Religare' means "To tie or to bind" it.

    - Christianity,
    - Hinduism,
    - Buddhism.


    - Traditional family values.


    - Predominantly vegetarian (i.e. no killing of mammals), and fish.

    - The production of quality beer, wine and cigars
    (Please note: not addictions and drunkenness, but balance).


    (international communication)
    - English.

    The Proposed Facility Complex:

  • Headquarters
  • R&D Center
  • Factory
  • Arts Center
  • Sports Center
  • Health Care Center
  • Apartments
  • Tavern

  • 2. Principles and Intentions

    is a part of the Application Form to join the Fellowship. The form, that includes a questionnaire, can be requested via email: info@1214productions.com

    About the questionnaire

    The word 'Character', when translated directly from Estonian, is 'Self-Animal' (similarly portrayed in J. Cameron's Avatar, as a dragon to be defeated).

    The questionnaire is related to the Tree of Life, KaBaAkh, better known as Kaballah, or KaBaLah, where KA stands for Yin [She], BA for Yang [He], and LAH for their Unity (which with definite article AL means 'the God' in Arabic, the Shining One [Akh] in Ancient Egypt),

    in which sections 'Sex and Food' (Splendor and Glory in Kaballah) stand for the roots, 'Money and Religion' (Power and Mercy in Kaballah) for the branches, 'Arts and Sciences' (Understanding and Wisdom in Kaballah) for the fruits of the tree.

    Please visit the KA BA AKH page to learn more.

    In the Questionnaire you will be asked to express your personal views on the following:


  • Do you think there is a purpose and architect(s) to the World as we know it?

  • ARTS

  • Do you consider sexual and violent content and swearing
    appropriate in arts and music?

  • Do you consider (or have) body tattoos as art?


  • Do you consider 'money for sex' acceptable?


  • Do you consider a 'religious judgement' which allows
    torturing and killing people acceptable?

  • SEX

  • Do you consider wearing sexually suggestive closing
    for attracting public attention appropriate?

  • Do you support same sex marriage, LGBTQIA?

  • Do you consider sex education (incl. anal sex) for children
    at schools acceptable?

  • Do you consider human cloning and/or other methods of (clinically) produce children for anal or other sex partners/individuals acceptable?

  • FOOD

  • Do you support the killing of animals for food?

  • Do you eat animals? If yes, what are your further intentions?

  • Do you use drugs (except prescription drugs)?
    If yes, what are your further intentions?


  • Do you consider swearing (in any circumstances) acceptable?

  • Would you agree:
    language is the direct, and images indirect doorways between realities?

  • Would you agree:
    the kinder one speaks and sings, the kinder the World becomes;
    the more aggressive one speaks and sings,
    the more aggressive the World becomes?

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    Founding member