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The Jaz Symphony Interview with Robert Silverstein, Mwe3, New York.

The Jaz Symphony, one of Endel Rivers' major compositional efforts, is Australia's Award-winning 8 part jazz-rock-classical music composition, written and fully scored by Endel for piano, guitar, drums and bass. The studio recordings, made by Endel between 2006 - 2009 in Palmstudios Australia, were later edited and mixed with live recordings, made during 2009 Estonian tour, to produce The Jaz Symphony double digipak, with two slightly different versions on the CD and DVD.

The session players involved in the project:
Grant Collins (drums) obtained his BSc Hons and PhD (percussion instruments) from the Australian National University.
Leanne Lai (piano), when just 11 years old, represented young Australian pianists in Osaka Concert Hall, Japan.
Raul Vaigla (bass), one of the busiest session players and bass guitar teachers in Estonia.