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The Problem of Chaos
  • A state where Everything is [instantly] its own opposite:
  • "+" = "-" (Singularity, a charge potential at no frequency).

    A Solution to the problem - Cycle
  • A state where Nothing is [instantly] its own opposite:
  • "+" ≠ "-" (Duality, a frequent charge).

    A (Mathematical) Dilemma of the Cycle
  • A state [or an instant] that can not be conclusively described:
  • "+" ≠ "-" = "+" (Trinity Force, quantum field).

    The Beginning and the End of the Cycle
  • A state [or an instant] which gives a meaning to what can not be described:
  • Tetra-grammaton (meaning [consisting of] 4 letters); I Am that I Am.

  • A symmetry-center of positive and negative mass (and time).

  • Relativity (Gravity)
  • Asymmetry (tension) of positive and negative mass (and time):

  • "+m" ≠ "-m" = "+m", meaning that matter and anti-matter can have either a positive or negative mass, dependent on "When" and "Where" the tetra-state of an instant (the observer) is.

    There are 4 possible instances (see the Yin-Yang symbol below):

    1. Known matter +m (past);
    2. Black Hole (Event Horizon - the present of past);
    [Time Zero Asymmetry Flip (mass (time) reversal)];
    3. White Hole (Anti-Horizon - the present of future);
    4. Unknown (dark, meaning 'invisible') matter -m (future).

    Please note: there is no difference between known and unknown (dark) matter, but the time-location of an observer - somewhat similar to the double-slit experiment (Young's experiment), where the results depend on the observer.

    Furthermore, if an instantaneous mass (or spin) reversal, without reversing the charge, were possible, everything in the Universe would be observable, not just at atomic level, as observed at Washington State University very first time on the 10th April 2017.

    However, that is not how time - the solution to the Problem of Chaos - works.

    A Brief Description of Parts 1 and 2.

    Above: Singularity and Duality.

    The Beginning of a CYCLE is a moment of separation (Time Shift)
    of matter from a state of CHAOS in counterclock-wise time-direction, instantly followed by the separation of antimatter in the clock-wise time-direction.

    This Time Zero ± One split (or shift) of singular symmetry-center into a dual state (see below) is known as Big Bang, which is still observable by the radiation it created, coming from a momentary interaction of matter and antimatter.

    The separation, via gravitational attraction of the opposite mass towards (back to) singularity, creates the Law of Cause and Effect, where CAUSE is the reunification of matter (star fusion) forming the PAST at the speed of light,

    with an immediate EFFECT of the reunification (formation) of an 'invisible and undetectable' dark (energy and) matter in an opposite time-direction, forming the FUTURE, also at the speed of light.

    The time-tension of the opposites is contained in nuclear forces (immediately) and gravity (gradually), forming the past PRESENT and the future PRESENT of planets, stars, stellar systems and galaxies.

    The energy-mass transformation (or conversion) from gravitational pull to expansionary push (of the Universe) is unidirectional: from (the visible) past to (an invisible) future via Black Holes, which keep the system in balance (please see the 'Concept' and the concept-video: 'Time Shift').

    Because matter and antimatter are sharing the same sub-atomic properties in opposite values, then everything that is caused by the reunification in counterclock-wise time-direction has an immediate effect in the clock-wise time-direction within the following (energy-mass conversion) formula:

    If X (energy and matter) = 100% (everything is past) then
    Y (dark energy and matter) = 0% (nothing is future).

    This formula expresses the Problem of CHAOS (no motion/conversion), while the current state of CYCLE is X = 4% (past) and Y = 96% (future).

    Therefore, all what's needed to start a CYCLE (a motion/conversion)
    is that X = 99,9999999... % but not 100%.

    Without achieving this asymmetrical state,
    there would be no Time, no Distance, no Gravity.

    Please note:
    the 4% (past) has a meaning only when observed from the Solar System, while the current scientific model of the Universe would look very different if observed at the same time from an 'opposite corner' of the Universe.

    It means that the physical reality we are able to see and measure does not really exist - yet existed - from a microsecond ago relative to the light-signals between neurons, to thousands, millions and billions of years ago relative to the light-signals within the Solar System.

    The ability to experience (to live in) the known physical reality comes from a tiny overlap of the Past and Future Present - The Consciousness.

    A Brief Description of Parts 3 to 7.

    To comprehend this asymmetrical state - an overlap - of past and future, separation and reunification, creation and destruction, is to understand constantly changing conditions according to the Absolute Balancing Force - Scales of Maat - which never allows 100% reunification.

    Please note: the Universe is not 'something else' but a charged state of mind, rising from, or falling into, chaos.

    The balancing force makes a CYCLE to pass 4 YUGAS, made known by orbital calculations of ages, similar to day-evening-night-morning, summer-autumn-winter-spring, in a hierarchy of Elements, as presented in the periodic table, through which Characters (species) arise, forming a food chain, within which the "Problem of Chaos" is contained (and maintained):

    by dragging CHAOS (the 'Predator') into CYCLE (the 'Prey'), where the 'Predator' becomes 'Prey', and the 'Prey' becomes 'Predator', where the First becomes Last, and the Last becomes First.

    The CYCLE is managed¹ (not governed² or created³) by THOTH (spirit, ref. DHARMA) according to the Rule of Law, also known as nomocrasy, meaning that the established Rule of Law must govern, not arbitrary decisions by peoples, governors or deities.

    As Above, so Below.
    ¹ THOTH (ref. Dharma) (via 0) Cosmic LAW AND ORDER (Universe)
    ² YHOSHUA (ref. Vishnu) (via 1) Son's LOVE (Holy Spirit)
    ³ YHWH (ref. Mahavishnu) (via 10) Father's COMMANDMENTS (Will)

    From a letter to a scientist:
    "The birth of civilizations more than 5000 years ago (also known as 'Great Divide'), has been marked by many temple-structures and pyramids, simultaneously emerging in different continents. These structures have proved to be carrying a certain information about the beginning, the development and also the end of the current cycle (era), while at the same time (have been) clearly enhancing the growth of reasoning throughout the cycle, despite all obstacles and controversies involved.
    There is a simple rule: to define the end of a circle, the beginning must be defined first. The current era began with the pyramids."

    Concerning different ideologies and religions:
    Please try to avoid the ones where it's "Easy to get in, but hard to get out",
    rather look in an opposite direction: "Hard to get in, but easy to get out",
    as it's not easy to comprehend Timelessness from any perspective (point) of Time.
    Yet the Grand Entrance opens just in time...