There is War in Heaven. As Above so Below.
The Earth is pushed to the Edge of the Abyss, a Rabbit Hole.
How to survive? It depends which side are you on.
First, let's take a look how the Rabbit Hole works.

Where Knowledge changes Everything.

As interaction of opposites - such as matter and antimatter - may result in annihilation of wave functions (time), there's a counter-action in place that creates new conditions for the wave functions (time) to re-emerge from an entangled state caused by the annihilation (singularity), in which all the indescribable beauty of Cosmos seems to turn randomly and instantaneously to a horrible ugliness and terror, with no limits, borders or walls to hide behind, with no switches to turn off holograms: "Welcome to the afterlife - the End of Time - with no rules and limitations, no God."

Good for evil, evil for good.
Hail the guardians on the boundaries of the Abyss, the warriors of God.

The following is to summarize the content of this website, addressing the seriousness of the issue, based on personal experience and what's known from sciences, arts, philosophy and religions, describing the cyclic nature of Cosmos, made of matter and antimatter in different frequencies, wave-lengths and opposite amplitudes, in the following manner:

When matter, such as water, contains a mass-value that forms the Past at any given instant relative to an observer, then antimatter, such as antiwater, contains an opposite mass-value that forms an 'Anti-Past' - or the Future - at any given instant relative to the same observer.

On a side note: antiwater, as such, is a composite which mass-value can not be measured via its potential or artificial component-particles, which means that the only way to know its actual mass is to measure it in its natural environment. The word 'Anti-Past', or 'Future', stands here for the opposite (observable) time-direction relative to matter (the past).

As there's a tiny overlap of the opposite mass-values in a form of radiation, forming the Past and Future Present, as reflected in geometrical codes of the Great Pyramid, it's also possible to get a glimpse of the future. See the Time Temple videos to learn more.

On a side note: surely, the architect of the Great Pyramid new well how Time works, similar to how a smart father expects to see his children growing up: first 5 years it will be reading books in the kindergarten, then 5 years in primary school, then 5 years in secondary school..., collage, university, masters, doctorate...

What's remarkable here, is that it took 3000 years for the 'uneducated' to distort the original meaning of Ancient Egyptian culture, and another 2000 years to annihilate it. Yet, the Temple of God is still standing firm - right on the boundary of 'Above and Below' - the Upper and Lower Egypt, where also Jesus' family found refuge.

The geometrical codes of the Great Pyramid show also that the Total Past (of the Universe) equals to its Total Mass, which equals zero in its opposite value, plus-minus mass-conversion overlap, the radiation. The exact same rule applies to the Anti-Past - or the Total Future of the Universe - which Total Mass equals zero in its opposite value, plus-minus mass-conversion overlap, the radiation.

How to understand this (100% = 0)?
Regarding the conversion, please see Science and Beyond (Concept, presented in 7 parts).

On a side note: those with the ability to see auras around physical bodies are witnessing such mass-conversions, in a form of radiation. In the essence, it is a part of emotional field of that body, a part of what's called Primordial Waters, that experiences its past existence in the future, and vice versa.

It also means that the life-cycle of the Universe starts from the very moment the mass-conversion starts, at a relative zero, which makes 100% of its total mass to be converted to the opposite value - zero - plus-minus the mass-conversion overlap, the radiation. The plus-minus overlap indicates, that the actual mass-conversion is rather 0,00000...1% to 99,99999...9%, and vice versa (few grams or even milligrams).

Regarding other issues:

Imagine two partners/observers having close to exactly the same body-composite made of star dust (charged matter, 70% of which is water). Imagine that one of the partners is located on a Planet X in a 5 billion light-years away Galaxy, the other partner on the Earth. What do they see? Can they communicate?

The first one can not see his partner on the Earth, as the Earth doesn't exist (back in 5 billion years ago). Also, because the partners are made of the same star stuff that forms the Past, only the first one can send a signal to his partner on the Earth, a light-signal that time-travel direction depends on the source-mass-value.

Given that, the receiver, his partner located on the Earth, will certainly get the light-signal in time, and can theoretically even see him sending it, via a super-massive space telescope, but can not signal him back. Unless... sending a signal from a different source, that has an opposite mass-value relative to the receiver. The signal-carrier, light, travels exactly the same way in both (time) directions.

On the other hand, as a theoretical matter-antimatter symmetry-centre would also allow such communications without the limitations of time-directional speed of light (as the all-seeing eye on the U.S. dollar-bill suggests), theoretical physicists all over the World have been working hard for very long time - like bees in the honeycomb - CERN, to see how the stuff works. So far, the most visible result is internet. No bridge over Styx has been built as yet, dimensions of which are well known, corresponding to the coffer in the King's Chamber.

On a side note: do never step on that bridge. It WILL collapse.

In parallel to their effort, some 'science guys' seem already celebrating the victory of scientism and 'humanism' over God, that has reached its final stage of evolution - Humanus Idioticus - a family of new spices with no memory, historical experience and gender, to be governed by a sexualised A.I. - Artificial Idioticus.

Yet, all the parading and glorification of A.I. by H.I. may turn out to be premature, as rapid changes in climate - especially in the mental one - result in pandemics, suddenly, spreading fast.
As mentioned, the point here is to address the seriousness of the issue.


The Problem of Chaos
  • A state where Everything is [instantly] its own opposite:
  • "+" = "-" (Singularity, a charge potential at no frequency).

    A Solution to the problem - Cycle
  • A state where Nothing is [instantly] its own opposite:
  • "+" ≠ "-" (Duality, a frequent charge).

    A (Mathematical) Dilemma of the Cycle
  • A state [or an instant] that can not be conclusively described:
  • "+" ≠ "-" = "+" (Trinity Force, quantum field).

    The Beginning and the End of the Cycle
  • A state [or an instant] which gives a meaning to what can not be described:
  • Tetra-grammaton (meaning [consisting of] 4 letters); I Am that I Am.

  • A symmetry-center of positive and negative mass (and time).

  • Relativity (Gravity)
  • Asymmetry (tension) of positive and negative mass (and time):

  • "+m" ≠ "-m" = "+m", meaning that matter and anti-matter can have either a positive or negative mass, dependent on "When" and "Where" the tetra-state of an instant (the observer) is.

    There are 4 possible instances (see the Yin-Yang symbol below):

    1. Known matter +m (past);
    2. Black Hole (Event Horizon - the present of past);
    [Time Zero Asymmetry Flip (mass (time) reversal)];
    3. White Hole (Anti-Horizon - the present of future);
    4. Unknown (dark, meaning 'invisible') matter -m (future).

    Please note: there is no difference between known and unknown (dark) matter, but the time-location of an observer - somewhat similar to the double-slit experiment (Young's experiment), where the results depend on the observer.

    Furthermore, if an instantaneous mass (or spin) reversal, without reversing the charge, were possible not just at atomic level, as observed at Washington State University very first time on the 10th April 2017, everything in the Universe would become observable.
    However, that is not how Time, the solution to the Problem of Chaos, works.

    Above: Singularity and Duality.