When it comes to discussions on Creation and Evolution, in regard to Esoteric Cosmology, there is no evidence to support various (often LGBTQIA-related) arguments, that the Universe came to existence via sexual experience of a sexless entity (via masturbation), as such argument contradicts the conditions of the Law of Cause and Effect in terms of 'As Above so Below'.

Yet, there is a 'Thesis and Antithesis' to support the Law, based on an ages-old contemplation, that the unity of opposites, such as Yin-Yang, plus-minus, male-female, forming the known Universe (weighing gazillion tons), has also opposites, forming an unknown, invisible Universe (weighing minus gazillion tons).

Such contemplation was supported also by evidence, after the existence of black holes and invisible (dark) matter was confirmed.

This led to the conclusion, that singularity, as a state of timelessness (see Science and Beyond to learn more) at zero mass, no charge, and "the sameness of good and evil", has been charged by Word, or Thesis, overcoming an Antithesis (to the Word), where the meaning of 'Word" comes from an ability ('Shakti' in Sanskrit) to express a feeling of:

Indescribable Love -
the only known force in Cosmos capable of braking the chains of entrapment in singularity by overcoming its own opposite - an Inconceivable Hate.

The conclusion doesn't contradict the Laws of Cause and Effect, as Antithesis originates from Thesis - the Word - not vice versa, as the power of Love doesn't originate from the power of Hate - it's when Two love or are attracted to the same One.

On a side note: in ancient Egyptian creation story, Osiris and Isis (above) were 'balanced' by Seth and Nephthys (below). Arguably, because Nephthys was attracted to Osiris, they had a son, Anubis. The balance between 'above' and 'below' was broken. Seth, filled with inconceivable hate, killed Osiris, cutting him into pieces. As a result, the son of virgin-mother Isis and resurrected Osiris - Horus - along with Anubis and Nephthys, all turned against Seth.

After breaking the chains of entrapment, where (in terms of math) the location of 'plus one minus one equals zero' below the speed of light does no longer correspond to the location of 'plus one minus one equals zero' above the speed of light,

it sent shock waves throughout the Primordial Sea in a motionless deadlock, charging the now unbalanced emanation of new reality (plasma), that started immediately re-balancing itself, in opposite (time) directions, resulting in an enormous tension between its positive and negative mass - Gravity.

The Cosmos got 'pregnant', fed with charged substance, where the meaning of 'fed' refers to the mass of a black hole converting (or 'digesting') its mass to opposite value - where plus Z kg becomes minus Z kg - to have the energy and substance for its 'invisible baby' to grow.

By now - from the Earth's perspective - the unknown invisible matter and energy makes ca 96% of the entire Universe, while everything still to be 'digested' (the known Universe), makes only 4%. The baby - a child of a pregnant woman - refers to a 'hidden world', mentioned in many ancient scripts, including the Bible.

What was left out, and not mentioned, is that a complete (100%) reunification of opposites, which would affect matter and antimatter, positive and negative mass and charge, back to the state of absolute equilibrium (or absolute zero), will never be allowed (it's why the Universe is so huge): "The Dragon will not be able to consume the Child."

Said who?
Said God: "The dragon is from me, but not in me."
Such statement makes God a Goddess - a Female. Yet a statement that Christ was conceived by Holy Spirit - of his Father - makes God a Male.

This supports Thesis (the Word):
Experiencing love is not a sexual experience, and when it's pure and true, it will never lead to hate.

But as per the above presented argument:
Because a sexless entity created the World via sexual experience (by masturbating), the Messiah should be conceived similarly (i.e. 'as above so below'), by masturbating Madonna.

This supports Antithesis:
Love is a sexual experience that starts with masturbating and ends with hate.

Thesis and Antithesis are opposites - one is to free mind, the other to enslave it. The latter manifests itself in physical reality when mind gets 'trapped' in the magnetism of sexual fantasies, which get stronger in the low (red-end) frequency range, where the trapped mind may start experiencing sensations it felt never before, including a desire for a more violent intercourse, changing partners, sexes, etc. (Note: pop culture as such is essentially built on low frequencies.)

When mind gets trapped in such magnetism, it may get infected (hacked) by a 'sexless entity' via visions and dreams. In most cases, the mind may not be aware that it's 'hacked', and the infection will spread.

It may all feel normal - new experiences, sensations, which eventually get more demanding and aggressive - until... either 'the hacker' gains full control over the hacked mind or, the mind will crash (becomes dysfunctional). In either way, the soul gets lost.

As humans have no ability to walk simultaneously in opposite directions, a choice needs to be made, which way to go. The chosen Way will reveal the Truth. Please see KA BA AKH to learn more.

About the 'Dragon and Child' mystery.

The opposite to positive mass (e.g. plus 10kg) is negative mass (e.g. minus 10kg), which effects at atomic level were observed the very first time via an experiment in Washington State University on 10th April 2017.

The observation - a tiny ripple of a large wave of discoveries to follow - could be also regarded as the 'missing capstone' of the Pyramid of Knowledge, marking the end of a long journey of realizations: that the Earth is not flat, that it's not the center of the Universe, that E=mc2, till discovering that the Universe is expanding despite its gravitational pull and black holes.

The All-Seeing Eye refers to the effect associated with negative mass - ability to see in opposite time-directions.

When it comes to the esoteric meaning of the effect, the following is important.
Similar to matter and antimatter, which can not co-exist, the 'Dragon and Child' (or Lamb) represent the opposite mass values: of Heaven 'above' the speed of light, and Earth below the speed of light. When one emerges, the other will vanish - like black and white holes - the 'time-tunnels' in opposite directions. See the Science and Beyond to learn more.

When a white hole opens up in the skies - what ever comes out, never gets back in the same way - as it's one way traffic, opposite to a black hole.

It's somewhat similar to eating and giving birth via different channels: consuming, reforming and delivering.

Imagine two embryo-babies inside mother's womb (the observable 4% of the Universe).
One asks: "Is there life on the other side?"
"Don't know," the other answers, "but no-one has ever returned."

The images below show how it's portrayed in Hinduism, indicating also that only one child (note: Vishnu is the child of Mahavishnu) can rule in a given time-period or Yuga - an age measured not just in thousands, but billions of years of cosmic night and day.

As it's written: "The darkest hour is just before the Dawn." The moment of birth is the most painful experience.

The images below:
The Empire State Building in 1956 (under president Dwight D. Eisenhower) and in 2015 (under president Barack Hussein Obama). Lights are lit for the Grand Finale - the final push after the braking of waters - taking place just before A.I. has created 'a new prototype', with a 50-50 chance for humans to be included, as per prof. S. Hawking: "It will be either the best thing or, the worst thing..."