Apart from working on original music, arts and technology projects, the goal is to formulate plausible answers to the following:

What is, and why there is, Time and Gravity, invisible ('dark') matter and energy, Black and White Holes; how the phenomenons are related to major religions, and spirituality in general.

Without answering these questions, a sensible explanation to 'why are we here, and why there's something rather than nothing' is not possible.
A quest for answers is presented at Science and Beyond and via links above.

When it comes to our readers, partners, business associates and friends, we do not expect a complete agreement on, or full understanding of everything presented. However, when it comes to joining the Fellowship of Thoth, agreement on our Core Values needs to be mutual. Please refer to the Conceptual Platform for more information.
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Endel Rivers




Thoth (often associated with Enoch and Hermes Trismegistus), along with his female counterpart Maat - the Spirits of Cosmic Law and Order - as described and visualized in the Great Pyramid-era temples (see the Time Temple videos), have been witnessing and managing such matters since the beginning of time - since the potential energy of zero space, associated with matter-antimatter symmetry-centre-shift (see the Time-Shift video), was realized, and split into two - 'above and below' the speed of light (see the Concept), where locations depend on charge and the direction of mass' axes (see the Summary) - in an explosion, that filled the time-shifted space with matter 'into-from' antimatter reactions (and reactors) in opposite time-arrows, within which, all that has been 'trapped' prior to the event 'time zero' in a static state, started physically manifest itself, evolving over the time to millions different life-forms.

(Please note: ancient scripts and the Holy Bible were not written for MIT students, but for the shepherds in the field.)

Such process of evolution - above the physical manifestations taking place below - in the past 13 billion years, should not to be disturbed, manipulated or altered without comprehending the consequences, when trying to brake the chains of the given time-codes and natural causes and effects via Bio-tech and/or A.I. manipulations and laboratory experiments.


The same 'not-to-be-altered' principle applies also to the Conceptual Platform of the Fellowship of Thoth (see The Exit Strategy), and Questionnaire in the Mutual Agreement Form to join the Fellowship, that is based on ancient Ka Ba Akh, better known as KaBaLah, or the Tree of Life, showing the very essence of Mother-Father-Child relation, expressed also by Yin-Yang-Unity, that forms the foundation on which freedom of choice is based: to agree or disagree with life's Core Values via Natural Selection, which is naturally obvious even before choosing, since the beginning of time.

How to understand that?
See, if this helps: "There is no wisdom in love. There is no love in wisdom. The greatest wisdom is love." (In quantum physics, it may help to find the missing gravity in Standard Model.)

When it comes to understanding the 'other side', a correlation formula between the mass increase of black holes and the expansion of the Universe is needed, such as:
fB x Z / A = (- X) x (-Y)
where A = fB (A equals to the variable of the function B) and Z = 1.

Joining the Fellowship of Thoth means also study of mysteries:
of balancing forces - at the boundaries of 'zero space' to be found in Buddhism,
of cyclic infinity - the depths of existence to be found in Hinduism,
of eternal love - the heights of heavens to be found in Christianity,
reflected in the story of Adam and Eve - in 'Eve-Adam-God' triangular relation. Please visit 'Ka-Ba-Akh' page to learn more.


Meanwhile, the contemporary sciences and arts, mostly regarding such triangle obsolete, or irrelevant, have shifted their focus to corporate Bio-tech industry, as it's gearing up for the mass production of new 'progressive species', and bio-robotics, almost getting there, ready to declare: "Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet the Children of Adam and Steve!"

A tech guru Mr. Ray Kurzweil was once asked: "Does God exist?"
"Not yet" he answered.

The consequences of such 'emerging god' and the mass production of his 'children' are described in the Book of Revelation.

As every action is followed by reaction, which in turn calls for action, another declaration - of Mahdi - with ca 1,5 billion followers, seems inevitable. Religion of peace prevails, when all are dead.

Yet, from the conceptualization of time-symmetry, gravity, invisible (dark) matter with negative mass, to the codes of Giza Pyramids, I AM THAT I AM remains firmly and always the same, regardless of disagreements or circumstances, even when people try to blow up the pyramids, to show 'superiority of a religion' or, when glorifying 'science-technology-engineering-mathematics' (STEM) instead, to show 'superiority of science', that tries to explain everything, including why it's 'perfectly normal' for Adam to marry Romeo and Juliet to marry Eve. At the end of days, it's the football, golf and tennis that really matter....


To summarize the presented, the following is important.
There is a remote similarity to what's 'brewing' in the World today, and what was 'brewing' within an infinity of singularity even before the birth of time - within the sameness of good and evil, angelic and demonic - that resulted in a 'big global bang' in which everything, that was bound to stay eternally equal, was suddenly equal no more.

Globalism, as such, has some similarities also to a super-volcano, that may look as beautiful as a celebrity from outside, but when knowing what's brewing inside... - it's not just catastrophic - it's apocalyptic. National and religious ideas, on the other hand (if not overwhelmingly aggressive or suicidal), could be compared to volcanoes which eruptions could still be devastating, but having a limited global effect.


When Tower of Babel is risen from a super-volcano - trumpets sound.
The whole World relies now on "a little hobbit from the Fellowship of the Ring".
The one that was, then disappeared, then reappeared again - throughout the ages - will it be thrown into the molten lava, where it belongs, when time has come?