In theoretical physics, negative mass is matter whose mass is of opposite sign to the mass of normal matter, e.g. minus 1 kg. (From Wikipedia.) If true, then there's a possibility that life may exist on 'the other side' - beyond zero mass and gravity.

Thank you to all visitors and Time Temple video series' viewers - over half a million people via various channels. Below is the summary of Part One of an upcoming book, TIME TEMPLE, by Endel Rivers, providing incontrovertible evidence that

  • Giza pyramids are positioned to mark a specific planetary alignment (date)
  • The Great Pyramid is related to the Sun cross, its geometric blueprint to the concept of opposite or negative mass and time
  • Giza Solar boat with tabernacle holds the secret of the Ark

  • The Great Pyramid is prophecy laid in stone
  • Ka Ba Akh (ancient teaching) is the origin of the Tree of Life (model, abstraction)

  • F O R E W O R D

    Everything seems to be symmetrical, to have opposites: numbers, particles, waves... even thoughts and feelings. Yet, some say mass or weight can't have an opposite, negative value, without a plausible explanation to such unbalanced reality, with no other side.

    If gravity and magnetism give mass a positive value, then their symmetrical opposites - antigravity and antimatter magnets - would surely give mass a negative value. But could such antifields and magnets exist? If yes, then how do we know which weight we are talking about - plus X kg or minus X kg - since physical reality, the effect of gravity or antigravity, would feel the same on either side?

    What could support such an idea?

    There is a mysterious substance and force-field in the Universe, defying the known laws of physics, an opposite to gravity and momentum, that no-one can explain: invisible (dark) matter and energy. Some say it's real, some say it's not.

    But what is 'real'?

    The opposite to positive is negative, to the past it's future, at any given moment. If to 'disregard' these opposites, by focusing the mind on a 'right now' moment only, then in the very center of that moment, there are no opposites - zero - everything is one, or is it minus one, that makes it zero?

    What's real in that moment depends greatly on the frequency the mind is tuned to, in the middle of charged omnidirectional vibrations, which make the opposite ends of 'when' (time), 'where' (location) and 'what' (identity) to be(come) real.

    There seems to be no exceptions in the symmetry of opposites, as even 'nothing', 'nowhere' and 'never' have opposites - 'always', 'everywhere' and in 'everything' - with a constant symmetry-center at 'right now' (not when), 'here' (not where) and 'this' (not what).

    Is 'this' real?

    It depends on (space-time) perspective, also the state of mind. At zero vibrations and charge (i.e. in the middle of nowhere), for a wandering mind to touch solid ground in the opposite end of past or future (the 'tunnel') is not possible without taking his/her soul along, attached to a fragile sense, a vibration, in sync with the pulse of the heart.

    For one to be(come) zero, zero needs to be(come) one, as there are no exceptions in the symmetry - one minus one equals zero.

    Is there a catch?

    "There are people living on the other side, walking upside-down." (Australians from Europeans' perspective, dependent on the planet's radius.)

    In terms of black holes and antifields (or the minus one), and the mystery of the invisible (dark) matter, it would be reasonable to assume that something, or even someone, who weighs 70kg, for example, may have an opposite, who weighs minus 70kg, and vice versa, dependent on the perspective and black holes' radius (or alternatively the size of Generic Objects of Dark Energy, GEODEs). Yet, the 'hidden one' seems to be nowhere, but has to be somewhere, as there are no exceptions in the symmetry.

    What if instead of asking 'where', to ask 'when' the invisible becomes visible? The answer would be: unknown becomes known in the day of reckoning.

    P A R T   O N E

    "In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the Lord at its border. It will be a sign and witness to the Lord Almighty in the land of Egypt." (Isaiah 19:19-20.)

    Two most mysterious features in the Great Pyramid are the blocking stones at both ends of the Queen's Chamber shafts. Why are the blocks placed there? What does the circle or 'ball on the rooftop' mean, as on the photo taken by robot-explorer at the end of the shaft?

    What if the sign and the blocking stones act as markers for (ie, a physical representation of) a zero-point - a symmetry between the opposite force-fields, mass and time - as noted above? Let's put this idea to the test.

    The graphics of the Great Pyramid below, showing the precise positions of its chambers, passageways and shafts, is drawn to scale. Notice how the symmetry-line with its opposite - mirror image - allows to draw 5 equal circles, or 'wheels', that mark in a great precision the apex of the pyramid, its ground level, the subterranean chamber's level, also the entrance to the Grand Gallery.

    The blocking stones indeed seem to refer to a symmetry - a line that allows to mark a zero-point above the rooftop.

    There's a conjecture, that the line - that allows to define the circles or wheels - points to antigravity (i.e. 1kg - 1kg = 0kg). See Beyond Science for more.

    A sign on the Talpiot Tomb

    A family tomb, referred to as the Talpiot Tomb, was discovered in Jerusalem, containing ossuaries supportedly for: Joseph and Mary, their sons Jesus and James, Mariamenou e Mara (which translates: 'Dear Mary known as the Master'), among others, Judah, the son of Jesus. On the face of the tomb, we can clearly note an embossed sign (see image below). Does this embossment point to the Isaiah 19 sign (or object) and witness (or observer) - eye in the center of triangle?

    "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light." (Matthew 22:6)

    About light as we know it (and don't)

    One of the primary properties of light is frequency. At zero charge and vibrations in a vacuum (or nothing, emptiness, darkness), frequency could be viewed as the frequent recurrence of lines of elements, forming frames (or space-time fabric). If the size of 1 frame is 1 m2, then the (right angle) frequency or recurrence is 299 792 458 frames per second (of information, and memories - almost 300 million 'images to see' in an instant) - the speed of light.

    Note: there's no convincing explanation of how light moves through emptiness or nothing, yet it does - turning what seems to be nothing into something, and what seems to be a deadlock (or static symmetry with zero degrees of freedom) to existential accord - frame by frame. Also note: a deadlock can be resolved by breaking the symmetry. The XX ≠ XY asymmetry (based on existential values and choices) will be examined in PART TWO of the upcoming book.

    The 'right now' moment, or zero, relative to plus one or minus one (that form 'something' in the force-field, no matter when or where) defines the line and the center of symmetry for both - the object (vibration) and observer (frequency).

    In case of asymmetry - it's when negative mass (or the minus one) is 'disregarded' (or 'out of reach') - only positive mass (that forms the past-present) is observable.

    The asymmetry can be viewed as follows, utilising the geometry of The Great Pyramid. The image below shows how the Great Pyramid can be drawn to scale - from ground level to the apex and down to the subterranean chamber's level - using 7 equal circles or wheels of any size (as the proportions of the Great Pyramid remain the same).

    The asymmetry value, in regard to a reference point chosen (in time) relative to which positive or negative mass could be measured - according to the zero-point mirror-image of the Great Pyramid - equals one circle or wheel - the red one.

    See also Sun cross, a symbol derived (ca third millennium BC) from the interpretation of the Sun as the wheel of the chariot of the Sun god.

    But how can low frequency or the 'red wheel' that remains outside of the Great Pyramid's mirror-image be the key to understand opposite force-fields, antigravity, negative mass? How can the two different symmetries and zero-points - on the Great Pyramid's mirror-image and the Sun cross - be understood?

    Perhaps when realizing how time-perception (consciousness) works in relation to opposite force-fields, in which the wheels are rotating in opposite directions, and also, when the scientific (or analytical) method and physics are rightly balanced with an esoteric (or extrasensory) method, enabling us to learn more.

    The assumption is: time-perception (consciousness) is not a part of measurable space or room that could be defined by science (from the Latin word scientia meaning knowledge), but the opposite is true - since there are teachers because of children, there is Universe - because of life.

    This assumption may help also to understand the purpose of (building) the Great Pyramid, which is to show how the architecture of space-time is related to life forces - in opposite force-fields, mass and time - and our role in it.

    Since our role is greatly influenced by 'vibes' - our feelings and emotions creating unique vibrations that science is unable to explain - esoteric method is used.

    About metaphysics of the wheels

    '...An altar to the Lord in the heart... and a monument to the Lord at its border' of Isaiah 19, beside a locational reference, contains also a parallel meaning, in which 'the heart at the border' is the center of the Sun cross at the edge (or border) of the 'single eye', marked by the blue wheel, right on the rooftop, as shown on the blocking stone.

    In this case, "Altar in the heart" refers to the Queen's Chamber, "monument to the Lord at the border" to the King's Chamber, as shown in the Great Pyramid's Timeline further below.

    In Catholic doctrine the 'single eye' is named the Eye of Providence, representing God.

    Yet, according to the Sun cross (spectrum, wheels) the 'single eye' is not an object or observer 'on its own' but a 'connection point' - between the blue and violet wheels (marked by the indigo dot on the image above) - which on the Great Pyramid's mirror-image is located right on the (upside-down) rooftop of the Queen's Chamber. (Note: 'upside-down' refers here also to opposite time-arrow and mass.)

    The connection point (of the wheels' edges) appears to be at the same time the center of another (the indigo) wheel. No edge-to-edge connection points seem to be inside the red wheel (outside the mirror-image) and violet wheel (inside the mirror-image).

    Note: in Hinduism, the 'single eye' and the wheels are associated with a chakra-concept, representing different 'vibes' and levels of awareness (time-perception, consciousness).

    Notice how the blue wheel (which on the mirror-image is shown colorless - black on the first image and white on the second) connects the violet, indigo, green and yellow wheels on (or chakras of) the Sun cross, while having no direct connection points with the orange and red wheels - the 'low frequency vibes' these wheels represent.

    Notice also how the green wheel at the center of the Sun cross, which connects the indigo, blue, yellow and orange wheels, remains 'out of reach' for both high (violet) and low (red) frequency vibes, as there are no direct connection points between these wheels.

    When it comes to a more specific description of these connections and vibes, or an 'eye opening revelation', like "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?" the answer would be: "A blue chicken appeared from the white egg of a black (or colorless, invisible) chicken and delivered the green egg," though it's not the whole story that starts with Matthew 22:6.

    But when it comes to communicating the essence of the 'chickens', or connecting the vibes with the help of contemporary information technology and A.I. that relies on pattern-analysis and data derived from the past (and not from the future) - no matter a millisecond or billions of years ago - from an object, field, experiment, measurement, experience, etc., there will be no 'eye opening revelations' on how to understand 'this', or what to expect.

    Furthermore, for as long as there are uncertainties on describing possible wave functions and their exact space-time locations (also, should it be described as particles or waves?) the future of such technologies remains (always) uncertain.

    But when it comes to analog-digital processing of information via neurons of our brains, synchronized with the impulses and information coming from the heart and other organs, uncertainties may be avoided.

    Image source: article 'What Is a Chakra?' by Michelle Fondin

    Such information processing techniques and communication, applied since the ancient times, makes it possible to communicate not only across the time-arrow as we know it (from past to future), but in opposite time-arrow too (from future to past) without being limited by the speed of light.

    It is good to keep in mind, however, that by using such methods of communication, the amount of scam, spam, hacking and disinformation (that comes seemingly from nowhere) is comparable to internet. Just one wrong 'click' or seemingly 'friendly contact' may destroy the whole system, including brains and other organs. The images and insights below may help to contemplate the issue.

    In Hinduism, the (visible spectrum) creator Brahma emerged from the Son of Mahavishnu Vishnu's navel, to get through dark times, when Kali rules in disguised forms, until Shiva, who's able to see her true forms, wakes up (i.e. no one messes with Shiva).

    Until that time, the only organ capable of protecting the whole body (incl. brains) is the heart - the green wheel in the center of the Sun cross - disregarding the 'lows and highs'.

    Above: image of Kali projected on the Empire State Building; UNESCO World Heritage Site Khajuraho Temple in India; and 'Laocoön and His Sons' in the Vatican.

    Notice the difference between the low frequency 'ascending spirit' - rising from below via the connection point of the red and yellow wheels in the center of the orange wheel - and the high frequency 'descending spirit' - appearing from above via the connection point of the violet and blue wheels in the center of the indigo wheel.

    A comparison of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam to the Sun cross (spectrum) may give another clue how to understand the metaphysics of the wheels:
    The descending spirit (via violet wheel) of the father (mind, indigo wheel) reaches out to the son (heart, green wheel) through heaven (breath, blue wheel).

    On the mirror-image of the Great Pyramid the connection or touching point - the 'center of everything' - is marked by [0], which corresponds to the center of the blue wheel on the Sun cross, while relative to the center of the Sun cross itself (the green wheel) it's not [0] but [1], when it's given that the radius of wheels - regardless of their size (plus or minus, subatomic or macroscale) - equals [1].

    It means that the same connection point could be at the same time [0] and [1], and could be perceived as follows: mind (the creator) touches heart (the creation) the moment child is conceived - in a flash of light - for the One to emerge from beyond Zero.

    Zero becomes one while one fades to (beyond) zero. The 'center of everything' symbol seems to be carved in stone also at the entrance to the Talpiot Tomb, that according to the above-presented means: "Unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3)

    Below is a traditional depiction of the cherubim and chariot (or wheels) vision, based on the description by Ezekiel, interpretation of which will be presented in PART TWO.

    Note: the wheels rotating simultaneously in opposite directions seem to also refer to the effect associated with negative mass (like minus 1 milligram, or minus 1 kg, or minus gazillion tons) which would allow observation of the Universe - relative to positive mass that makes less than 5% of the Universe composed of regular matter - by the opposite time-arrow.

    About Giza Solar boat and tabernacle

    There's an ancient story about five deities born from Nut, the starry night sky, after Shu separated her from Geb, the Earth. The names of four deities are known - Osiris, Isis, Nephthys and Seth. The fifth deity, named Horus the Elder, was (most probably) Thoth.

    After establishing a beautiful garden, Osiris was killed by his envious brother Seth. Isis, assisted by Nephthys, her son Anubis and Thoth, resurrected Osiris, for just one night. On the resurrection night Horus was conceived.

    After becoming pregnant, Isis fled to hide in the wilderness from her brother Seth, who she knew would want to kill her son. There, in the wilderness, Isis bore a divine son, Horus. (For comparison, see the Book of Revelation 12.)

    As a result, Isis and Nephthys became goddesses of great importance in the annual rites conducted, wherein two chosen females or priestesses played their roles performing 'Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys', where Nephthys joined Isis as a mourner in the shrine known as the Osireion.

    Note: there's a theatrical production in the making, in which the deities represent the manifestations of different vibes and frequencies via the following connection points: Thoth - violet, Osiris - indigo, Isis - blue, Horus - green, Anubis - yellow, Nephthys - orange, Seth - red. Visit 'Scarab - Portrait of a Man' for more.

    But what is the role of the Solar boat in this prophetic story?

    It's written, that it was given to Horus, in which he hunted down Seth to avenge his father's death. After, Horus joined the divine family in afterlife ('Weighing of the Heart' hall). The boat was rediscovered beside the Great Pyramid in 1954, undisturbed since ca. 2500 BC, and re-assembled in 1968. Perhaps for a reason.

    The precise position of the Great Pyramid within the Sun cross was shown above. The following shows the position of the Solar boat within the Sun cross.

    There are '7 seals' (light, spectrum) and '7 trumpets' (sound, octave) within the Sun cross, 14 elements in total. Two of the elements seem to be as one, that makes 13 in total. Three are on each side, 12 in total.

    The 13 tribes who fled from Egypt ca. three and a half thousand years ago were given specific instructions on the arrangement of camps - one in the center and three on each side, 12 in total.

    Note: instead of counting 14 tribes in total, Joseph's tribe was termed the House of Joseph, after Ephraim and Manasseh - the two sons of Joseph and his Egyptian wife Asenath - were elevated to the status of full tribes in their own right.

    Image source: Gracepoint Berkeley Church

    It's important to keep in mind, however, that there's a difference between parables, meaningful stories and historical events, and also, intelligence and counterintelligence (i.e. 'opposing words of wisdom'), especially in times of war, which often makes the truth hard to find. It's because in dark times only the heart can be trusted - it's where the Solar boat can be found - in the center of the Sun cross.

    It takes 40 octaves for a 'word of wisdom' to match the power of light - the Ark.

    At the present time, the location of the Ark is not known. But what is known - since the Solar boat 're-emerged from the grave' - is that "Earth is losing biodiversity at a rate seen only during mass extinctions," according to the authors of WWF's Living Planet Report (2018). Humans are directly responsible for killing off an average of 60 percent of the world's mammals, fish, birds and reptiles in the past 40 years.

    The nations were angry, and your wrath has come... for destroying those who destroy the earth. Then God's temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. (Revelation 11:18-19)

    According to the Book of Revelation, dark times end with New Jerusalem descending from Heaven. The names of twelve tribes are written on the gates: three gates on the east, three gates on the north, three gates on the south, and three gates on the west. But then, the names of twelve apostles are also written on the gates. The gates are made of twelve pearls, each gate of a single pearl. At present, it remains a mystery.

    About the Great Pyramid's timeline

    The passageways and chambers, the altar in the Queen's Chamber and the coffer in the King's Chamber, each have special meanings in regard to certain events, discoveries, and places. The image below shows a pyramid within the pyramid, of which its apex matches the exit point of the King's Chamber shaft. The ground level is divided into 13 equal parts which correspond to 394.25 years each (144,000 days in Mayan Calendar), forming a 5125.25 year timeline. Some of the most significant milestones are shown below.

    Note: even though the Mayans contributed to the development of the calendar, they did not actually invent it. The same system was used by many cultures predating the Maya.

    TIME BC:
    3114 CORNER STONE - birth of a new era (the calendar starts);
    2562 GRAND ENTRANCE - the Great Pyramid;
    1537 PASSAGEWAY SPLIT - Old Covenant, X Commandments (12 tribes, Levi in the center).

    TIME AD:
    40 PASSAGEWAY SPLIT - New Covenant (12 apostles, Jesus in the center);
    1549 ALTAR - St Peter's Basilica (by Michelangelo, contracted to create the architectural design in 1547, construction work was completed in 1615);
    2012 COFFER - God particle discovered, CERN, Antimatter Factory (the calendar ends).

    Note: while the King's Chamber shafts lead out of the pyramid (seemingly to its mirror image) via 'breath' that the blue wheel stands for, the Queen's Chamber shafts, that mark the boundaries of the wheel, have no exit (which perhaps illustrates the difference between a priest and a scientist?).

    Other significant milestones (in close proximity):
    Entering the King's Chamber - Einstein's Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper, that includes E=mc2 (1905);
    Entering the Antechamber - Newton's Principia Mathematica (1687);
    Great Step at the top end of the Grand Gallery - Copernicus' De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (1543).

    About Giza Alignment Code

    The code has been identified as to refer to the Book of Revelation 11: I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, "Go and measure the temple of God and the altar." The 'measuring rod' and the process of 'measuring the temple of God' will be examined in PART TWO.

    Note: Orion's Belt could be viewed as 'writing on the wall': "Time, times and half a time" to be read from the sky (e.g. satellite image) when time has come. Please see the video below regarding the precise time of the alignment.

    Click HERE for the related date and time references.

    Note: an assumption that all the above-presented is merely a coincidence would raise a question: could 1-1=0 be a coincidence?

    About the Sphinx

    The meaning of the sculpture - as an integral part of a larger construction master plan on the Giza Plateau - will be explored in PART TWO of the upcoming book.

    Note: the limestone formation that shows signs of water erosion, from which the Great Sphinx was carved, is hundreds of thousands years old. Below is how the weathering phenomena works. For more detailed explanation click HERE.

    About Galactic Hourglass

    The symmetry of mass and time could also be visualized as an hourglass (see the artwork below by Bruno). The upper section, illustrating positive mass and time, is gravitationally linked to the lower section, a negative mass and time. The center of the 'swirling mass' (or the wheel) corresponds to the galactic center, a black hole, in which the mass conversion rate and pressure - from plus to minus (or vice versa), from contraction to expansion - forms a cosmological constant.

    The principle also suggests:
    The total mass of the Universe equals zero in its opposite value at the moment of Big Bang (see E=0 below), followed by mass conversion, or polarity flip, to balance the asymmetry tension between Absolutely Everything and Absolutely Nothing (1-1=0).

    Note: the upper and lower corners (X=C and Y=C axes) correspond to the speed of light, at a "higher speed" of which, mass has a negative value.

    The book is set for release in 2020.

    Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly: 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness.' (Matthew 7:22-23)