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Thanks to all visitors and Time Temple viewers - over half a million people via various channels. Extended content of the videos will be now available in an upcoming book, part one of which is presented below.


Everything seems to be symmetrical, have opposites: numbers, particles, waves... even thoughts and feelings. Yet, some say mass or weight can't have an opposite - negative value. If true, then it can't have a positive value either, as it's the opposite to negative.

There's a mysterious substance and expansion force in the Universe, opposite to gravity, seemingly everywhere, yet nowhere, that no-one can explain - invisible (dark) matter and energy. Some say it's real, some say it's not.

But what is real?

The opposite to positive is negative, to the past it's future, at any given moment. If to 'disregard' these opposites, by focusing the mind on a 'right now' moment only, then in the very center of that moment, there are no opposites - everything is one, or zero.

What is real in that moment depends from the frequency the mind is tuned to - in the middle of charged omnidirectional vibrations which make the opposite ends of 'when' (time), 'where' (location) and 'what' (identity) to be(come) real.

There seems to be no exceptions in the symmetry of opposites, as even 'nowhere', 'never' and 'nothing' have opposites - 'everywhere', 'always' and 'everything' - with a constant symmetry-center at 'right now' (not when), 'here' (not where) and 'this' (not what).

Is 'this' real?

It depends on the perspective, but also the state of mind. At zero vibrations and charge, for a wandering mind to reach solid ground in the opposite end of past or future (the 'tunnel') is not possible without taking his/her soul along - attached to a fragile vibration - in sync with the pulse of the heart.

For one to be(come) zero, zero needs to be(come) one, as there are no exceptions in the symmetry - one minus one equals zero.

Is there a catch?

In terms of antigravity and the mystery of the invisible (dark) matter, it would be reasonable to assume that someone who weighs 70kg, for example, has an opposite who weighs minus 70kg, and vice versa, dependent on the perspective. Yet, the one (or perhaps the other one?) seems to be nowhere, although has to be somewhere, as there are no exceptions in the symmetry.

But what if instead of asking 'where', to ask 'when' is the 'right now' moment for the one to be(come) real? The answer is in the day of reckoning.


"In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the Lord at its border. It will be a sign and witness to the Lord Almighty in the land of Egypt." (Isaiah 19:19-20.)

The graphics of the Great Pyramid below, showing the precise positions of its chambers, passageways and shafts, is drawn to scale. Notice how the symmetry-line with its opposite - mirror image - allows to draw 5 equal circles, or 'wheels', that mark in a great precision the apex of the pyramid, its ground level, the subterranean chamber's level, also the entrance to the Grand Gallery.

Note: there's a small mismatch between the estimated location of the stone blocks in the Queen's Chamber shafts and the symmetry-line (perhaps due to the complexity). The angle of the shafts is approx. 39.5 degrees (estimates vary between 39 and 40 degrees).

The line of symmetry with its mirror image will be examined in Part Two of the upcoming book. There's a conjecture, that the line - that allows to define the circles or wheels - points to antigravity (i.e. 1kg - 1kg = 0kg).

The sign on a family tomb discovered in Jerusalem (see below), containing the ossuaries of Joseph and Mary, their sons Jesus and James, Mariamenou e Mara, that translates: 'Dear Mary known as the Master', among others Judah, the son of Jesus, seems to point to the Isaiah 19 sign (or object) and witness (or observer) - eye in the center of triangle.

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light." (Matthew 22:6)

Note: one of the primary properties of light is frequency (or wavelength spectrum) at zero charge and vibration. The 'right now' moment, or zero, relative to one (and minus one) defines the line and the center of symmetry for both - the object (vibration) and observer (frequency).

In case of asymmetry - it's when negative mass (the minus one) is 'disregarded' - only positive mass (the past) is observable:

The asymmetry can be viewed as follows. The image below shows how the Great Pyramid can be drawn to scale - from ground level to the apex and down to the subterranean chamber's level - by 7 equal circles or wheels of any size. The asymmetry value - as per the symmetry of 5 circles above - equals to 1 circle or wheel.

See also Sun cross, a symbol derived (ca third millennium BC) from the interpretation of the Sun as the wheel of the chariot of the Sun god.

Below is a traditional depiction of the cherubim and chariot (or wheels) vision, based on the description by Ezekiel, interpretations of which will be presented in Part One and Two of the upcoming book (as per the references below).

Note: an omnidirectional wheel that moves simultaneously in all directions seem to refer to the effect associated with negative mass (like minus 1 milligram, or minus 1 kg, or minus gazillion tons) that would allow to observe the Universe - relative to positive mass that makes less than 5% of the Universe composed of regular matter - in opposite time-arrow.

About Timeline

The passageways and chambers, the altar in the Queen's Chamber and the coffer in the King's Chamber, have all special meanings in regard to certain events, discoveries and places. The image below shows a pyramid within the pyramid, which apex matches the exit point of the King's Chamber shaft. The ground level is divided to 13 equal parts that correspond to 394,25 years each (144,000 days in Mayan Calendar), forming a 5125,25 years timeline. Some of the most significant milestones are shown below.

3114 CORNER STONE - birth of a new era (Mayan Calendar starts);
2562 GRAND ENTRANCE - the Great Pyramid;
1537 PASSAGEWAY SPLIT - Exodus, Old Covenant, X Commandments.

40 PASSAGEWAY SPLIT - New Covenant;
1617 ALTAR - St Peter's Basilica (by Michelangelo, contracted in 1547, construction completed in 1615, dedicated in 1626);
2012 COFFER - Antimatter Factory, CERN (god particle discovered, the Calendar ends).

Note: while the King's Chamber shafts lead out of the pyramid - seemingly to its mirror image - the Queen's Chamber shafts, that mark the boundaries of the wheel, have no exit (which shows perhaps the difference between a priest and a scientist).

Other significant milestones (in close proximity):
Entering the King's Chamber - Einstein's Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper, that includes E=mc2 (1905);
Entering the Antechamber - Newton's Principia Mathematica (1687);
Great Step at the top end of the Grand Gallery - Copernicus' De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (1543).

Also note: the above-presented 7 wheels light spectrum, or Sun cross, is always the same, from micro (atomic) to macro (galactic) level. Below is a macro-level example, where similar to the dark, starless void of 'burning gas' between galaxies, the bottom of the (bottomless) pit is outside of the pyramid.

Image: Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF

The bottomless pit is a point of no return, ever. The passageway is the only chance to 'run for your life' - back to the crossroads - and choose another path.

About Giza Alignment Code

The code has been identified as to refer to the Book of Revelation 11: I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, "Go and measure the temple of God and the altar." The 'measuring rod' and the process of 'measuring the temple of God' will be examined in Part One.

Note: Orion's Belt could be viewed as 'writing on the wall': "Time, times and half a time" to be read from the sky (e.g. satellite image) when time has come. Please see the video below regarding the precise time of the alignment.

Click HERE for the related date and time references.

Note: an assumption that all the above-presented is merely coincidental would raise a question: could 1-1=0 be a coincidence?

About the Sphinx

The meaning of the sculpture - as an integral part of a larger construction master plan on the Giza Plateau - will be explored in Part One.

Note: the limestone formation that shows signs of water erosion, from which the Great Sphinx was carved, is hundreds of thousands years old. Below is how the weathering phenomena works. For more detailed explanation click HERE.

About Galactic Hourglass

The symmetry of mass and time could be also visualized as a hourglass, which upper section, that has a positive mass and time, is gravitationally linked to the lower section with a negative mass and time, where the center of the 'swirling mass' (or the wheel) corresponds to the galactic center, a black hole, in which the mass conversion rate and pressure - from plus to minus, from contraction to expansion - forms a cosmological constant.

Hourglass by Bruno

The principle also suggests:
The total mass of the Universe equals zero in its opposite value at the moment of Big Bang (see E=0 below), followed by mass conversion, or polarity flip, to balance the asymmetry tension between Absolutely Everything and Absolutely Nothing (1-1=0).

Note: the upper and lower corners (X=C and Y=C axes) correspond to the speed of light, at a "higher speed" of which, mass has a negative value.

About creation and evolution

According to Hindu mythology, there are 10 Avatars (manifestations) of Hindu supreme divinity Vishnu (from whose navel the creator god Brahma emerged) with the aim to maintain and/or restore the cosmic creation and balance. The 'creation and evolution pyramid' below - from the duality of everything to singularity of everything - will be explored in Part Three of the upcoming book.

The following is from the upcoming book by Endel Jogi Rivers.




When it comes to analyzing coded systems, or decoding complex mysteries, there are different approaches to take, methods to use, dependent on what interests you the most - body (transport), soul (path) or spirit (conditions).


It helps to analyze your body, by decoding its DNA in 22 chromosomes in pairs, that are identical for males and females, plus X and Y chromosomes that define your sex:
Dual XX means you are a Female,
Single X paired with single Y means you are a Male.

The term 'Dual' means that Female is 'derived' from Male X Y principle, when Y is 'replaced' by X, to form double X.


It helps to visualize the path you follow - your soul - by decoding the 22 Major Arcana Tarot (in reverse: Torat [Chaim], the 'Law of Life'), identical for all, plus the added X and Y, for male and female souls renascent from the final destination - the accomplishment.

The 22 images below by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith (of the Waite-Smith deck) are used for decoding, as no other deck has been found helpful. The deck, with the added X and Y, will be explored further below.


It allows to explore the conditions that apply to all - bodies and souls. The holistic method helps also to resolve a conflict between sciences and religions, and two different sets of laws within one unified field: of gravity (general relativity), and the nuclear forces and electromagnetism (quantum physics).

There is no chance to resolve the issue without combining the two methods and information - scientific and esoteric - as the first relays on identical conditions for 100% error-free outcomes (e.g. explaining the past and projecting the future), which is possible only in singularity, and the other on the opposite - changing conditions - for 'terror-free' outcomes (e.g. good vs evil), which is possible only in duality.

A measurable comparison, a scale, between physics and metaphysics needs to be drawn, in order to resolve the issue, and comprehend the incomprehensible - zero or nothing in comparison to everything - as one.

Some 4500 years ago, such comparison was scaled down, and built in Egypt - the Great Pyramid of Giza. It was understood as KA BA AKH (by now better known as KA BA LAH) or the Tree of Life.

Around 2500 years later, the conditions and the rules that apply to all bodies and souls within the Tree of Life - in order to be included in the Book of Life - were described (note: there are no descriptions in the Great Pyramid) in the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation, as coded in the 22 (plus X and Y) chromosomes, the 22 (plus X and Y) Major Arcana Tarot, and Giza Plateau's architectural composition, all arranged in a way, that even the wisest couldn't understand.

The reason for such secrecy will be examined further below.

As the content of Part One is associated with the study of meanings and relations of KA and BA, X and Y to Yin and Yang, please note the following similarities and references:

MER KA BA - Chariot of God in a vision given to prophet Ezekiel, which base structure is composed of four beings: Ox, Lion, Eagle and Man (note: MER may refer to Sea of Light)
KA BA LAH - Jewish mystical teaching (note: LAH means God in Arabic, Al Lah means The God)
KA'BA - a building (the Cube) in the center of Mecca
KA BA AKH - ancient Egyptian teaching of body, soul and spirit (note: AKH means the Shining One)
KA and BA(k) TUN - year of KA and BA, 7200 and 144.000 days respectively in Mayan Calendar (note: TUN is a year of 360 days).

Below is a reference regarding X and Y in the final version of the periodic table of elements by Dmitri Mendeleev, where he hypothesized that there are two elements of lesser atomic weight than hydrogen. Of these two, he thought the lighter to be an all-penetrating, all-pervasive substance, and the slightly heavier one to be Coronium, possibly referring to Aura each body has (see X and Y corresponding to 0 and 1).


PART ONE: The Beauty and the Scribe
PART TWO: The Time Temple
PART THREE: The Archive



About KA and BA, X and Y, Yin and Yang.

Life is a circulation of energy. There are smaller and larger, tiny and huge circulations, in which everything is connected to everything else in an infinite Cosmic Ocean, bound by the same rules, that start from zero and one, and end in zero and one.

The circulation, which makes life in the Universe possible, is balanced by various forces - from micro, at atomic and molecular level, to macro, at star systems and galaxies level. All the balancing forces represent various aspects and forms of existence, including those within the Earth's biosphere.

The most significant force in the Universe is the one that balances gravity with antigravity, positive mass with negative, from beyond Event Horizon via Black and White Holes.

According to many ancient manuscripts and religious texts, this balancing force was brought to existence by the (cosmic) Father, attracted to, or repulsed by, the (cosmic) Mother.

Yet, the balance itself - as it was in the beginning - is not the same at the end. What's the difference? Firstly, a comparative perception and recognition (i.e. realizing how the balance works) that allows to tell the difference, and secondly, the names - the Beginning and the End - viewed in Eastern religious traditions and philosophy as the unity of opposites, Yin and Yang.

In Western religious traditions, the unity of opposites has been viewed as Alpha and Omega, which in ancient Egypt was known as the unified KA (Yin) and BA (Yang), named AKH - the Shining One - showing that within the beginning is the end, and within the end is the beginning.

The images below show how KA and BA are related to YIN and YANG in I CHING.

As it appears, Heaven on Earth is within the Water, and Earth in Heaven within the Fire. Yet - as the first two images indicate - there is no Heaven on Earth, nor there is Earth in Heaven. This - as it was also mentioned above - is pointing towards the two separate sets of laws within one unified field, and a mystery (as further below) - are photons (the light) particles or waves?

Below the unified field is viewed via a personalized example - regarding myself and my partner - showing how YIN and YANG, or KA and BA - in terms of the mysterious elements X and Y as referred by D. Mendeleev - are related to AKH, in a time-shift. The plus and minus numerical values will be explained further below:

Interestingly, 16 05 + 15 04 = 31 09 = 01 10, (as there's no 31st of September), which is the birthday of our daughter.

It's also worth mentioning here, that there are no words - in any language - which could describe 1 and 0 as 10, 100, 1000 etc. Yet, no matter how many zeros, they all show different levels and magnitude of the same Little One - the Shining One.

There are 3 questions KA and BA need to answer:
'When, Where and What Am I really want to be?'

Ba (Yang) gives instantly 3 answers: 'Now, Here and This', showing the nature of light as single photon particles, that form the 3 masculine aspects of AKH

while KA (Yin) answers: 'Always, Everywhere and Everything', showing the nature of the duality of light as photon waves - forming the 3 feminine aspects of AKH

If to further explore the dual Ka's (Yin) and single Ba's (Yang) answers via one unified field - i.e. viewing the two sets of laws as one - a set of 9 elements emerge, containing an 'abstract of everything' - Ka Ba Akh or the Tree of Life - which 10th element is 1 and 0.

How to understand this?
Interactions of these 9 elements result in a 10th element, which without a 1 and 0 split (a time-shift) would have no future. The split is a moment when a new circulation starts, for the life to enter an unknown World of Changes, facing the same 3 questions:


The subject is built on three objects, or pillars:
KA (left), BA (right) and AKH (center), in a time-shift for the circulation to take place.

X in the middle forms XX for Ka and XY for Ba, with the numerical values X = 0 and X = 1 for the center-left, and Y = 1 and X = -1 for the center-right, as shown on the personalized example, showing also that all three pillars contain the numerical values 0 and 1, as 1 - 1 = 0. Also, notice that X can be 0 or 1 or -1, while the numerical value of Y does not change.

In physics, Ka would mean energy contained in mass, and Ba would mean mass converted to energy, where the numerical value [0] would mean zero mass (like photon waves and particles); [+1] would mean a positive mass (particles); and [-1] a negative mass (particles), no matter if "popping in from the other side" for only 'gazillionth of a second'.

The personalized example, and the [0], [+1] and [-1] weight, time and distance graph above may help to contemplate the issue. But please keep in mind that metaphysics is not physics, and esoteric method is not scientific method, as it's not possible to show the full extent of the relations between Ba [Adam] and Ka [Eve] in digits, even for the most advanced Artificial Intelligence. Yet, a natural analog-digital converter - such as human brain - may help, if 'the switch', as shown on the Jesus' family tomb, is activated.

In total, there are 4 elements forming XX and XY in 3 element combinations, similar to codons - 3 letter code words made from 4 letter sequence of nitrogenous bases A, G, C and T - the genetic code.

The pillars of the Tree of Life are divided to 3 sub-divisions that form a 'road-map' by which life-forces circulate. Without this road-map, there would be no growth of the Tree.

The 3 sub-divisions are divided to 4 levels:

1 The Seed
2 The Roots
3 The Branches
4 The Fruits

We start where the circulation starts, at the Seed-level, where the 5 fundamental life-forces - as described in ancient Egypt - can be interpreted or 'translated' from metaphysics to physics as follows:

KA - Dual Force (DF)
a formation force that converts energy to matter (neutral / positive, nuclear)
BA - Singular Force (SF)
a reformation force that converts matter to energy (negative / positive, nuclear)
AKH - Singular Duality Force (SDF)
a force that divides and unites DF and SF (neutral/negative/positive, gravitational)
NAME - ID of a force
according to its location in SDF field (information)
SHADOW - Magnetic Force
a 90 deg. cross-reflection of SDF (negative / positive, electromagnetic)

Above: seed-level metaphysics and nucleus-level physics.

The following "story" could be regarded as 'metaphysical abstract of everything', consistent with many ancient manuscripts, including the Bible.

1. The Seed

The Seed, consisting of DF (formation-related) and SF (reformation-related) information, is charged by SDF split - an attraction and fertility force that is named in Major Arcana The World.

The Ox, Lion, Eagle and Man represent the growth of the Tree:
Ox stands for the Seed, Lion for the Roots, Eagle for the Branches and Man for the Fruits of the Tree, which means that the road-map for the growth is already in the seed (the DNA).

A staff in each hand show the opposite potentials of the forces, while the veil represents unknown - mysteries of the World - in which Ka (Female) is the central attraction for Ba (Male), as without the attraction - same as in Yin-Yang Unity of Opposites - there would be no World. In physics, it would mean gravity, with the numerical value [0+1-1+1=1] for the World as we know it, and [0-1+1-1=-1] for the 'other side', beyond Event Horizon.

After the seed is ignited, SDF splits into SF and DF, driven by two attractions: SEX - to multiply, and FOOD - to grow. DF gives energy a form, SF gives the form energy.
We call the SDF split Urges and Natural Instincts.

The term FOOD stands for everything that energizes (the survival) instincts. SEX stands for the materialization of urges.

FOOD is an attraction-force that makes the energy-current to split and move right. A new channel is created by The Star (causality force, like supernovae that provides life with all elements). After FOOD is consumed, what's left over, enters circulation via channel named The Moon (the effect).

SEX makes the central energy-current to move left, forming a circulation-channel created by The Sun (causality force, like star fusion), which results in a channel named The Judgement (the effect).

The force-field between the destructive powers (when eating and digesting) and the creative powers (when giving birth) forms the SHADOW of The World named The Tower (electromagnetic force).

Below: the Shield of the Trinity or Scutum Fidei (Latin for "shield of faith"). In late medieval England and France, this emblem was considered to be the heraldic arms of God.

Excerpts from the Bible:

"Multiply and replenish the Earth" (Left)
"Anyone who eats my flesh [bread] and drinks my blood [wine] remains in me" (Right)
"Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters" (Center)

Note: 'Face of the waters' may refer to emotions that are circumstantially or conditionally calm or stormy.

There are no choices at the Seed-level, nor there are any values that could be compared to other values, as there are no attractions other than these two - SEX and FOOD - to eat and multiply, so everything keeps circulating naturally.

Until a question arises - is there anything else to be found - outside the circulation - the 'Garden of Eden'? In answer to this question, the Star has produced a new kind of food - more subtle than ever before to digest - a Thought. But what would be a value of a thought if there's nothing but eating and having sex?

A new fragile sense, a Feeling is forming... powered by the Sun.

2. The Roots

The Seed-level circulation starts when urges and natural instincts are split into two. In order to get pass that split, a balancing force is needed - a focal point 'above' urges and natural instincts - to avoid turning left or right.

In Major Arcana this balancing force is named Temperance, which makes it possible to get from the Seed-level to the next - Root-level - where new Values and Choices may be discovered.

But if there are no new values and choices to be found above the Seed-level, then there will be a turning back to the old attractions below - SEX and FOOD.

This 'turning back' will cause a disaster to the World's natural circulation, as what was natural before - not chosen or valued - is now chosen and valued from above: FOOD and SEX become a pleasure.

What was unknown on the Seed-level becomes common on the Root-level - fighting and slaughtering for food and sexual pleasures become a part of natural circulation, threatening to destroy the Garden of Eden.

Like cancer it starts spreading diseases which start forming cells in the chain - Triangles of Hell. The Ox - the Seed-level power - is now slaughtered by the Lion.

When this nonfictional disaster gets amplified in fiction (by the ones 'playing games' with magnetism, fantasy and numbers), then things can get from bad to worse - when the soil and roots are poisoned, the Tree may die.

3. The Branches

Yet, the Seed-level has its own independent circulation, powered by the Ox, who can still carry the tree. Not all that originates and evolves from urges and natural instincts, when becomes old and experienced, will be attracted to what's young and inexperienced, and when becomes strong, will slaughter the weak, by consuming from 'above' what belongs to 'below' - the flesh and blood - the body and soul.

In time the Ox will learn to protect its dominion.

But If looking for new values and choices continues, with no turning back, then stem and branches will suddenly emerge. The growth of these branches will be driven by two new attractions above the roots - FAITH and GOLD.

FAITH gets its powers from the belief that there are higher values to be found above the roots that grow deep in the dark. It's the first branch that reaches out from the soil.

GOLD is the second branch, reaching out to achieve something more than just a pleasure.

It is not easy to find FAITH, nor is it easy to find GOLD, but if found, and united, the strength of the Eagle will be gained, which gives the power to restrain the Lion.

Yet, even after reaching out from the dark, the Triangle of Hell is still there, now setting up trade routes to sell SEX, and FAITH, to judge the World, hungry for FOOD, though the judgement is based on beliefs, rather than knowledge. The Eagle will fall if SEX is traded and FAITH equaled with justice, while knowledge remains hidden behind the veil.

A new circulation is established, fed from below, evolving above. But what's above and what's below are not so easy to grasp, as what's below can be above, and what's above can be below. If it was an ordinary tree, then there wouldn't be anything else to look for? But it is not - there are still mysteries to solve.

Multiplication (SEX) and consumption (FOOD) are at the Seed-level the only choices, the only truth, while at the Branches-level FAITH and GOLD are the right choices to grow.

But there's a time when all that will change - it's when the tree starts blooming, for the fruits to emerge.

4. The Fruits

A blooming branch above GOLD is LOVE and UNDERSTANDING - a force of the Lovers so powerful, that when one falls in love with another, then there will never be anything that could match the power of their love.

A blooming branch above FAITH is WISDOM - a force of the most subtle substance, the closest to the truth. One who seeks it, will find it, and by getting attached to it, will never feel hunger again.

Yet... Men will fall when chooses GOLD over the loved one, or manipulates peoples' FAITH to rule the World.

The fallen say: LOVE is UNDERSTANDING SEX and GOLD! The greatest WISDOM is FAITH! No-one has more power than the image of the beast!

The Tree is one big circulation, of six vital breaths of men, in which the Triangle of Hell is a part, with a serpent crawling around the stem and blooming branches, to consume the Fruits, with new Seeds maturing inside.

The Man, the Lion, the Eagle and the Ox within the Wheel, as portrayed in Caernarfonshire, Betws-y-Coed, St Mary's Church.


Supposing there were someone who could ride upon the truth of heaven and earth, who could chariot upon the transformations of the six vital breaths and thereby go wandering in infinity, what would he have to rely on?
(1, tr. Mair 1994:6) Zhuangzi (3rd-2nd centuries BCE.)

When many mysteries of the World are solved, through WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING, FAITH and GOLD, SEX and FOOD, one last mystery remains - the secret of the Seed.

The secret is hidden behind the veil. There's an angel holding a book in her hands, asking a question. If to give the right answer, the veil will be lifted and secret revealed.

Inside the Fruit is a Seed, and inside the Seed is a Tree - an unknown World behind the veil. When the Fruit is eaten and the Seed is sown, the unknown becomes known.

If there are no Fruits, then there's nothing to sow. But when the Seed matures inside the Fruit, it's a sign that Harvesting is near.

"A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne." (From the Book of Revelation 12, 1st century AD.)

Only the Fool can go wandering in infinity, in search of the flower of Heaven, for his loved one, when hearing a gentle voice: "COME". It's a voice that the wise man can never hear, nor understand. Yet the Magician, with the iron scepter in his right hand, hears the voice, of his mother - the High Priestess, with the Moon under her feet, appearing in Heaven as the Empress with a crown of 12 stars on her head - asking him a question. He replies: "There's no WISDOM in LOVE. There's no LOVE in WISDOM. The greatest WISDOM is LOVE!" Then all of a sudden, the veil is lifted.

Please note: at Giza Plateau, the High Priestess is represented by the Sphinx - the Guardian of the Veil - also protecting the circulation of the Tree from 'short circuit' and 'feedback' (same as in physics, but also, see: Temporal Paradox), as there's no turning back after entering a 'tunnel of light' behind the veil, "for no one may see me and live." (Exodus 33:20). The Law of Time is the reason for such secrecy in regard to the coded messages in the Book of Revelation and the Great Pyramid - the Time Temple - containing a description of the past, present and future. The following excerpts are from the Book of Revelation. A [parallel meaning] is added in regard to the Tree of Life.

11:1-3 and 15-16: I was given a reed [a stem] like a measuring rod [a division of stem] and was told, "Go and measure the temple of God [the new Seed] and the altar [as per Isaiah 19:19] with its worshipers [Ka and Ba within the new Seed. Note: not Ka and Ka, or Ba and Ba]. But exclude the outer court [the Roots- and Branches-level]; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the holy city [of 'Values and Choices' with 7 'exit-gates', as per the image further below] for 42 months.

The seventh angel
[at the 7th gate of 'Values and Choices'] sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: "The kingdom of the world [the Seed] has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah [the new Seed], and he will reign for ever and ever."

12:7-9: Then war broke out in heaven
[see the 'Uprising of the Ox' below]. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon [in order to block the access to the 7th gate], and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down - that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth [to the edge of the Abyss, as shown further below], and his angels with him.

[From "Vaticinia Nostradami" - the left image stands for the devil, showing the moon under the feet of 'a woman clothed with the sun, who gave birth to a male child', conquering death, false prophets and teachings; and the right image stands for the Word of God, as shown on the Harvesting image below. Almost identical vision was given by Mary to three shepherd children at Fatima, as per the 3rd Secret of Fatima.]

14:15: Then another angel came out of the temple and called in a loud voice to him who was sitting on the cloud
[see 'Accomplishment' in Summary further below], "Take your sickle and reap, because the time to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is ripe."

19:11-13: I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. He has a name written on him that no one knows
[a hidden Name, as explained above] but he himself. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.

The image below shows Harvesting and Harvesters. The circulation inside the new Seed is instantly reversed when cutting off the Fruits.

Note: while the Fruits are attached to the Tree, the upper circulation is not reversed, as shown further below in the summary. The new Seed means a new body.

Below the new Seed is separated from the Tree.

Although the new Seed seems to look in terms of physics at the end the same as in the beginning, the difference is in metaphysics, and the perception, or re-cognition, of its magnetic field, or aura, which in planetary physics would correspond to polar aurora.

The aura (or the magnetic field) allows also to tell - in regard to what's inside the Fruit - its true Name: on the image below the upper Seed is of the Tree of Life, and the lower of a 'forbidden fruit', from the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil.

Also, one will have to face his/her mirror-image - as a reflection or a shadow - at the boundaries of infinity (or the 'singularity-portal'), when trying to (re)enter the circulation in duality, the Seed.

On a side note, regarding the SHADOW: "Earth is losing biodiversity at a rate seen only during mass extinctions," say WWF's Living Planet Report (2018) authors. Humans are directly responsible for killing off an average of 60 percent of the world's mammals, fish, birds and reptiles in the past 40 years.

Also, consider the following.
The destruction of a functional society starts with dismantling traditional families via sex/gender-related ideologies. In science, it would correspond to the destruction of natural cells (and molecules) forming organisms, replaced by artificial ones (and microchips).

The War in Heaven, as shown above, means that the upper Seed will be protected, while the lower Seed will collapse, after the force that holds it together (the Ox) is gone, turning it to a dysfunctional, formless mass.

"Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short." Rev. 12:12.


It is only these men who know how to preserve the root from which all creation springs, and the causes, or antecedents, of all the affairs of life. Therefore they are all able to pursue their investigations without limit, and to reach that which has no end; they understand all things thoroughly, without any misconception or delusion; they respond to all requirements as the echo to a sound, and that untiringly; and this ability may be called the endowment of Heaven. (1, tr. Balfour 1884:86) Huainanzi (2nd century BCE)

Circulation is life, and there would be no life without circulation. Man is a cell of the Earth, and the Solar System is a galactic cell. The Galaxy is a cell of the Universe - all connected and circulating within the same force-field - 0 and 1 split into two - the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil.

The trees are known by the taste of their fruits: if Wisdom is called the Blessing of Natural Fertility and Growth, and Understanding is called Love, then the taste of the fruits will be good. If Wisdom contradicts the laws of Natural Fertility, or called Unconditional Obedience (to arbitrary decisions and laws, moods, fictional prophecies and fantasies) and Understanding is called the Reward, then the taste will not be good, as the fruits may be poisoned.

If these opposites are inside one Tree, then a balance is needed - an immune system that could protect the Tree from attacking cells. When harvesting starts, the circulation and balance inside the Tree changes, and so its immune system. After the harvesting is complete, there will be no need to fight the attacking cells, who may have turned the law upside-down - bad is good! - so the diseases will 'listen' and spread in all four directions accordingly. There will be no-one to blame, but oneself.

The image below is the summary of the 'metaphysical abstract of everything'. Please note: the Tree of Life, the human DNA and the Universe are built on same principles, that start from 0 and 1, and end in 0 and 1, while showing, that there are no other destinations but the Accomplishment, to avoid the Abyss.

Note: DUAL means also a partnership (sexual, trade, mutual agreement etc.), while for SINGLE a partnership is not needed (to eat, have faith, study law etc.). Also, there's a substantial difference between understanding (your partner, parents, wife, husband, children) and having wisdom to observe the law.



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